Slimed Condition not going away?

I’m currently suffering from slime, and its not going away at all. I was assaulted by a bunch of flaming eyes, but I’m only suffering from being slimed and nothing else, and the status won’t go away. Any idea why this is going on and what I can do to rid myself of it?

EDIT: I just realized it’s based on the monster’s current health. Shit, this is gonna be with me for a long time…

I thought flaming eyes only caused teleglow nowadays.

Yeah, I figured out what caused it:

I recently killed a lot of ants. During this campaign, I tore a hole in reality, letting a lot of nether monsters through. This gave the Amoebic Molds lots of corpses to absorb, and thus tons of health. Thus, tons of slime for me.

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Tear hole in reality, how?

Used the BFG from PK’s Rebalancing. Leaves behind small portals and tears in reality that can spawn nether creatures.

…I REALLY wanted to kill those ants.

I’m sure you can use towel to wipe them out

Will keep that in mind in the future. Thanks for telling me.