Where did all these blobs come from!?

Ive explored pretty far and wide and their are no slime pits anywhere near me. I went to sleep in my safehouse, and was awoken shortly later by the sea of blobs that had somehow appeared all around me. The house is leveled and there are corpses everywhere and my brain is struggling to figure out where any of this ocean of slime came from without me noticing.

While it takes some time for them to do so, blobs can split themselves in half.

So if you happen to sleep next to a group of them, you could easily be completely surrounded by a sea of them by the time you wake up

savescummed. Im also noticing a lot of phenomena usually associated with artifacts but I don’t have any artifacts. Stuff like sibilant rattling, sudden weather changes, radiation spikes, random stat debuffs/buffs. could this have something to do with the resonance cascade? I remember a bunch of walls inside the lab simply vanished and their were more blobs than usual after I did that.

prepare for unforeseen consequences

ok this time more serious
did blobs take any damage from other sources than telefrag?

[spoiler]one time i was sleeping in lab enterance what i was looting one day i noticed blob (there was a slime room near dormitories too) so i locked him in room with disector (because my pain was to high to do anything) i woke up flooded with blobs what didnt die after taking alot of damage only way to kill them was telefrag so i escaped by using teleporter i noticed that slime in slimeroom disapeared too before i used teleporter i nearly broken all my blades (6 combat knives, crowbar, 2 katanas) and fighted for some time with unarmed without any effect later i tried to lure them on lava with no effect

if they are incredible get some teleport pads from lab and place them in that pattern


stay in that teleport ring and attack any blob what steps on teleporter without being teleported maybe you will stun it and will step back and step on teleporter again and blobs will telefrag other blobs

Hm…blobs are actually weak to ninjitsu, they cant see but they go after things based on sound, light step + ninjitsu lets you punch the blobs non-stop without them really attacking back. Unless something has changed.

Amoebic mold likely caused this. This can shed blobs, those blobs in turn split, and eventually you get a clusterfuck comparable to a delayed version of being near slime pits.

blobs are weak to every mele damage only one time long long ago before 0.C i saw unstopable sea