Help with a couple horrid status effects plz

So there am I, FINALLY starting to do well. Two weeks in, amassed a hoard of helpful stuff, found a crashed plane and see TONS of cool looking things on the map Ive never seen before. My guy is exhausted. I get to the base and notice, I keep getting dehydrated, and my guy keeps passing out from being dead tired. No matter how much I drink or sleep it wont stop. I start getting messages about being cold and shivering, ect. Its then that I notice I have early anemia and also moderate hypovolemic shock (saying Ive lost lots of blood). I ate a bunch of cooked meat hoping the high iron would help regenerate some red blood cells lol. Probably for nothing though. What do I do guys? How do I help myself here? Will this kill me?

Activate a towel? Have not played in a while, but people kept saying something similar was due to being wet.

I hope you’re talking about your character and not about real life…
If bloodloss is all that you have, rest for a few days (I assume you don’t have a blood bag with a compatible blood group and rhesus factor handy?)…

Keep drinking - a lot. Keep resting. Keep warm (wear blankets).
Check your body parts if you’re still bleeding (bandage up) or if you’ve got deep cuts / infected (antibiotics).

Not sure what else you can do. I’ve never lost that much blood to get these status effects (well, not in game, at least).

That was about a now (hopefully) fixed bug concerning clothing and coldness, not blood loss.

Ok well I was finally able after a long painful process, able to get the anemia and hypovolemic shock to all go away. But my guy is “exhausted” and cannot sleep because he is in pain. Nothing shows in status as to WHY he is in pain. He isnt cold or hot or anything. At this point the only reason I can think he is in such bad pain is he is exhausted. Is that possible? Ofcourse it wont let me sleep either because I keep waking up due to being in pain…gggrrrrrrr.

Do you receive messages that do mention the pain?
Did you eat “unsafe” food (raw meat, raw vegetables, …)?
You(r character) might have got (food) parasites…

If that’s the case, take some anti-parasitic medication or bark tea (mugwort oil has also a chance to also treats that, if I remember right).
If not, take painkillers…

Well I have eaten a crapload of aspirin but to no effect. Yes if I craft or sleep it stops me and I get a message saying my body is wracked with pain. There was also one about having a slight headache I think. I MAY have eaten one piece of uncooked fat, it was in red letters.

Yep, congratulation, sounds like you got brain parasites
If I remember right, these can’t be cured by bark tea, so you (don’t) have to look for antiparasitic drugs.

Looks like things have changed (or I’ve never knew it right); Bark Tea has the ANTIPARASITIC use, which is a guaranteed kill on all parasites.

Oh for the love of God can ANYTHING ever go right in this damn game ? lol. I see in your bark tea that you need cooking 5 and survival 6 to make it. Im not even close to that. So is that it? Nothing else I can do? This will definitely kill me?

You can try mugwort oil which is autolearned and a bit easier (on the skill part).
You could also search bathrooms, doctor offices, hospitals, pharmacies and other buildings that might have antiparasitic drug laying around.
Or if you had the skill for it make it yourself, but I just assume you don’t have that at this point…

Other than that… probably not much you could do… other than getting your skill high enough or lucky to find the drug.

It will not kill you outright on its own, but it will get progressively harder to achieve anything…

Well, you could try raiding some pharmacies or doctor’s offices for antiparasitic drugs. In this case if you die you will die fighting, at least.

e: I didn’t include hospitals because there’s always a metric f***ton of zeds in there, and with pain lowering your stats you will definitely die there.

True, but with an NPC, some machine guns (or other heavy firepower) with enough ammunition and some good tactics - or just a working truck with horn - it can be cleared out without dying.
And in desperate situation this might be worth the risk (I’m playing like I am, a coward, and would definitely not do that, though)…