The New Gods (Challenge Thread)


It’s gonna be so surreal to see the “Scorching” Temperature at the bottom floor of an Ice Lab…


Okay so I’m trying the Get 1,000 Liters challenge, and I don’t think it’s possible without the use the Packmule mutation. Maybe it should be changed?


I’m not sure, I’ll take a look at it.


Any updates on the challenge? I wanted to know if I could get the damn thing over and done with so I can install the hundreds of Power Storage MKIIs I’ve gathered.

I could probably still do 1000 liters (I happen to have Packmule), but I don’t know if anyone else without Packmule could. Also, I have to travel to a deep frozen Ice Lab. >.> Those Nomad and Scavenger Gears are super warm.


I did it! I did it! IT BURNS SO BAD!

I also have Packmule, so my last point still stands. >.>


Ah, okay then. Might need to tweak that one.


Floor One (already dug downstairs)

Floor Two

[Brief Intermission]

Are slime pits actually supposed to have 5 layers? I mean, I killed the Brain Blob (twice, somehow. There was two, I have the Brain Blob Nodules to prove it) and every time I’ve seen a slime pit they’ve never come close to five layers…


Does None count as a bug item


I’d personally say no, because those appear all the time. But I don’t own this thread.
Gonna be pissed if they do, because I had a ton appear and I could have become High God just like that.


Personally, I’ve never seen one, but ill say they dont count. The challenge only came up because someone found a piece of rhubarb that had -1 million volume or something like that.


New challenge: Complete ascension mod


So to become a High god now, you have to do all those things, but with PK’s mod and more ungodly horrors? This is becoming… slightly more difficult than i expected.


Huh, I guess I forgot to get added to the list all those years ago. Glad to see this is still being continued. When I have some time I’ll go ahead and get myself put in. Ten challenges, four milestones (NPCs are not quite gods yet, I just started on them, and two of the four shown below) and five of the ‘nigh impossible’ - with an additional mention that my character has directly caused several nerfs. Been playing one character for five years IRL.

Can see evidence of causing nerfs here with the picture that no longer works present here – this also covers milestones for threshold and level 20+ skills.

(Edit) Actually looks like I still have three of the challenges saved from aeons ago. J-9 (apparently I did this with a fork for amusement’s sake) and killing a fungal tower naked in melee and additionally The Porta-Bunker 1 and Porta-Bunker 2 nowdays it uses modded parts and is smaller, but no less powerful.


Oh boy, would be happy to put you in right now unless you want to redo your challenges.


Well, turns out I failed on my goal. Shoggoths are no longer possible to kill unarmed without time dilation, need 100% crit rate to overcome their regen, especially with PKs mod where they slime you and reduce speed by 25-50%, the method of counting volume and bionic power have both changed since the challenges were first created, so didn’t hit either of those.

Due to poor luck I was unable to find a chickenwalker, tankbot, slime pit, or school.

Things I did manage: J-9 above, naked fungal tower above, rolling fortress above, 2000+ pain, killing a shocker brute unarmed without shockproof with 3500 pain, Killed a zombie dancer x3, killed? a thriller with a thriller novel (he vanished in one hit but didn’t see a kill message), then killed a hulk with a roll of cash, got thrown through a hulk by a hulk, killed the rest of the hulks, have huge pile of fancy gear, a large list of styles (still can’t find some of the books though), and carry numerous artifacts.

So that makes five challenges, 5 or 6 milestones, 3-4 ‘nigh impossible’

Rather amusing that the ‘nigh impossible’ are easier than the normal challenges for me. As to a new challenge: behead someone twice before they die or perhaps completely disarm someone.

Since my upload speed is currently glacial, I threw all the pictures in a zip instead of individual, saved here with a note to the tankbot solution

Title: God of Insanity or God of Nerf Magnet


What items/martial arts even have the vorpal property?
Also, are you sure killing a Shoggoth unarmed is impossible?

I mean, Noble Culver did do it with Mutations, so that might not count.
I will admit, I actually can’t kill them unarmed anymore. I came close with a few lucky strikes using Bionic Combatives and Bionic Claws. I’m sure it’s possible, just hard and requires luck/proper timing/drug abuse.


I figured unarmed meant bare hands, bionic claws makes it much easier. It may not be literally impossible, but you are likely to require both massive stats, eight tentacle arms, and possibly one of the claw mutations.

Vorpal is any cutting weapon that you go through the right process with. I believe you can find it on the wiki, not sure if I should spoil it here. Also cata++ mod has vorpal as part of its added martial art, which I removed after I cut someone’s head off with my hands, even if my char should be able to do that.

(Edit) Alternatively, I might be an idiot. Forgot I was wearing two of everything. There is an immense difference between 12 moves to attack and 160 moves to attack. I R DUM


I would count unarmed as any weapon in the unarmed class, so yes, bionic claws and mutation attacks count as unarmed.


You could wield thspoon. It would probably get dented when you hit enough with it. Close enough?


The point of an impossible challenge is that you are NOT supposed to be able to do it. It’s supposed to be there for fun.

At least, that’s my opinion.