The New Gods (Challenge Thread)


  • Don’t cheat unless specified by the challenge
  • You cannot have the same title as another god
  • Do not change the game’s code to make the challenges easier.

Easy Challenges:

  • Drink an entire barrel of alcohol. You don’t have to do it all at once.
  • Kill a shocker brute unarmed, without any kind of electrical immunity.
  • Parallel-park your deathmobile.
  • Fill up a 200L drum with an unconvential liquid. (Mutagenic Serum of some sort, Coffee, Maple Syrup, Etc.).

Medium Challenges

  • Get to 2000 pain OR 2000 radiation.
  • The J-9. Enough said.
  • Drive through an entire school.
  • Eat a hulk.
  • Drink a jug of bleach or ammonia in one sitting.
  • Build a working vehicle using forest, swamp, and crash site materials only, using only tools also made from those areas.
  • Build an electric vehicle with the same rules above, plus the following materials can be taken from elsewhere: hoses, plastic bowls, lead, 3 pairs of sunglasses, and a soldering iron (batteries not included).

Hard Challenges

  • Kill a tank drone without using invisibility, smoke, darkness, or Time Dilation. The tank drone must see you.
  • Kill a shoggoth with only unarmed weapons. No Time Dilation.
  • Kill a thriller, then the accompanying hulks.
  • Wear enough stuff to get at least 1000 storage. Then fill it.
  • Make a HOSTILE tank drone run out of 120mm HEAT rounds. Sorry, hackers and post-thresh mutants.
  • Find the treasure of a necropolis.
  • Kill a zombie dancer

Really Hard Challenges

  • Kill a hulk with rolls of cash.
  • Get a hulk/jabberwock to kill another hulk/jabberwock by slamming you into it.
  • Get an NPC to godhood.

Probably Impossible Challenges

  • Bend the spoon.
  • Have two thresholds.
  • Find a bug item. Nones don’t count.
  • Kill a thriller with a thriller novel.
  • Beat the unofficial record of fastest man made object. (125,000 mph or 201,168 kph).
  • Survive a mininuke going off in your hand.


  • Install every bionic and gain at least 500,000 bionic power.
  • Get a threshold.
  • Build a vehicle that is considered a “rolling fortress”. This will be determined by other players.
  • Build an epic stationary base. This will be determined by other players.
  • Get a skill to at least 20.
  • Collect a full set of fancy clothing. A monocle is a must.
  • Use the books to learn all seven however many combat styles.
  • Get a million dollars in the bank. Not cents, dollars.
  • Find a powerful artifact, carry it with you always.
  • Take 130 exceptional photos.
  • Have 53,593 total kills.


  • 5 challenges
  • 2 milestones
  • Cannot have all easy challenges.

You can achieve high god by either completing all normal challenges and milestones PLUS a challenge of high difficulty of your making. Others will decide if your challenge is too easy. If you become a high god, your self-made challenge will be added to the list. You do not need to do probably impossible challenges.

Gods who ascended before the forum change will be titled as elder god.


  • Marloss Man Reborn (TheFlame52) - Elder God of Fungus
  • Zyra (Taikei no Yuurei) - Elder Goddess of Archery
  • Shal (Nemonole) - Elder Goddess of Travel
  • Dredd (Jakers) - Elder God of Blades
  • Rhodri Antman (Rhodri) - Elder God of Insects
  • Atarabashi Nihondzin (EditorRUS) - Elder God of Code
  • Faust (Vorpig) - Elder God of Pain
  • Mr. Fancy (Azrad) - Elder Goddess of Violence
  • Bob (Deoxy) - Elder God of Cybernetics
  • Mr. Fixit (Azrad) - Elder God of Cunning
  • Yoko (Eternalflame) - Elder Goddess of Fire
  • Skarlet Jahonsson (Hoovytaurus) - Elder Goddess of Rifles
  • Minh Collins (harison86) - Elder God of Mutagen
  • Subject Nine (Rot) - Elder God of Chaos
  • Nijuni (Nijuni) - Elder God of Humanity
  • Ken Reinhardt (NPC of Harrison86) - God of Strength
  • Efren Kramer (Harrison86) - High God of Brotherhood
  • Feasts Upon Stars (Aggregate) - God of Hunger
  • Noble Culver (psyxypher) - God of Slaughter

Challenge and milestone recommendations are accepted and will be tested to see what category they will be entered under.


Hey, you improved on the old thread as well, sweet!

Well since you’re in charge of the thread now I’ll ask you: can I substitute vodka for the whiskey drinking challenge? I can brew vodka but not whiskey.

I’m interested but, I have questions, Is stats through skills (the version that comes with C: DDA) considered cheating?, are there any other rules I should be aware, like what point system during character creation is valid? are there any mods that would be considered cheating?

Okay, what specifically constitutes cheating? I feel like I might have to start Crazy Jack’s epic all over again. >.> I only use the debug menu if an item disappears on me (or to edit NPCs), but I am one to save scum if I die. I also use Stats Through Skills.

Cheating means using the debug menu to give your self items and stuff like that. STS is okay because A. It makes sense because if you get better at hitting things, your probably getting stronger, and B. The only other way is a granade and Ive never found them.

And yes, it can be any alcohol, I will change it.

oh, ok thanks for the clarification!, so how many challenges and milestones do you need to complete? and what is J-9?

Whoops, forgot to add that. It’s five challenges abd two milestones. The J9 is debugging nine jabberwoks around/on you.

Might want to clarify that. Also for bonus points, do the J9 in PK’s Rebalance, which gives the Jabberwocks the psychic fear attack the Amigara Horrors have.

Alright, when I complete a challenge, how do I prove that I’ve done so? Do I use pictures? Video?
Currently, my only recording system is Fraps, which has the issue of using way too much data too quickly. If you could point me in the direction of something else (or tell me how to fix the issue with Fraps) I would be very grateful…

Screenshots are fine

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Alright. Does the Kill Fungal Structure challenge also not allow the Air Filtration system Bionic? And foot protection. There aren’t very many boots without environmental protection.

Air filtration is not allowed. If it has enviromental protection, you can’t use it

I won’t miss it. It was garbage anyway.

The “Drink an Entire Barrel of Alcohol” mean Aluminum Keg/50 Liters? Also, am I disqualified if I vomit?

Barrel is 100lL if I remember correctly. You don’t have to drink it all at once

I suggest a new challenge: Make “Get a fully charged Cash Card” a challenge on has to complete.
EDIT: I just saw the “Get a Million Dollars in the Bank” Challenge. Silly me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Killed the damn Shocker Brute unarmed. Tore that sissy apart like he was made of tissue paper. Didn’t even get anything new out of him.

Good job, one step closer to godhood

Do I need to install all the Bionics AND maintain them? I really don’t want to keep them cause they shit up my Bionics Screen (plus, I use a shield, so FBA is not really an option). Can I install them, show you that I have, and not save?

Also, I think that “Install all Bionics” and “Obtain 500,000 power” should be separate.

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Challenge idea: Get a threshold without getting a single negative mutation.