The New Gods (Challenge Thread)


You really need to remove “kill a zombie dancer” from the impossible list. It’s way too easy.

Killing a hulk with rolls of cash is mostly a challenge of collecting enough rolls of cash to keep replacing them as they break…

But it’s definitely nice to see someone keeping this going! :slight_smile:


IIRC, a zombie dancer has 10,000 and regenerates. So it’s really a matter of wearing it down fast enough. Someone that can be done if you’re strong enough. Like Noble Culver, who can get his STR to 50+ if need be.


I have a controversial suggestion.

Perhaps instead of making it so all the Old Gods are automatically High Gods, maybe instead so the only way you can get High God status is to complete all the challenges. I’d also remove doing the Joke Challenges as a way to become high god, because some of them are quite within the realm of possibility.

It also serves to make the people who’ve managed to do all these challenges feel like they’ve accomplished more, and gives the youngin’s (and people like me) more to aspire to.


A lot of the high gods don’t frequent the forums anymore. Personally I think its more of a memorial if anything.


All the more reason to call them the “Old Gods”, IMO. That’d be a legacy title for them, not something a new god could get. Though anyone could get High God if they managed to complete all of the challenges.


I can accept that, I will change the post now


Now to finish all of these challenges. All of them. Even the special challenge for High Godhood. Currently I’m focusing on “Get 500,000 Bionic Power” and let me tell you it’s HARD.


Two things:

1: How many Shells do Tank Drones have?
2: It appears that Tank Drones in PK have a Grenade Launcher instead of a 120mm Cannon. Do I need to mod the cannon in or will the grenade launcher count?

EDIT: Wait, no, looks like I’m wrong and it actually does have the HEAT rounds…how do I get this thing to shoot them?

EDIT 2: Nevermind. Anyway I’ll get back to you on if I manage to get this thing to run out of HEAT rounds…