The New Gods (Challenge Thread)


Oh this is gonna suck…


I regret nothing.



Should have brought a thriller novel and some cash bundles to do multiple at once there. You probably got thrown through a hulk too at some point in that nice little bloodbath.


Honestly, doing the Joke Challenges seems like cheating to me.
Plus, I was just doing a run through the city where I was looking for a Tank sized vehicle to turn into a rolling fortress. This was completely unplanned.


:smile: Yeah that was sort of half a joke.


Well then…

Might make some changes to the impossible challenges actually impossible.


Yeah. Still no idea how I managed to kill those Zombie Dancers.


Sorted the challenges into difficulties. Would like some suggestions for easy level challenges.


Well, kill a Thriller with a Thriller novel is no longer “Impossible”.
After I killed the first Thriller I’d ever really seen.


Am I allowed to Spawn Thrillers for this challenge? Because I have encountered 2 in the entire time I’ve played this game.

Wait, no, it’s under “Probably Impossible”. Good. Good. Was about to have a nervous breakdown there. Few…


Don’t worry, the only “challenge” I removed was bend the spoon and no, you have to find the Thriller naturally.

I suppose if you complete the other challenges, you could cheat it in.


Am I allowed to redo a challenge? Or do an exhibition challenge?
The one I had in mind was to do the J9, except with PK’s Jabberwocks. I tried before but died horribly due to their collective psionic assault on me.

This time I’m pulling out all the stops. >.>


Go ahead, there’s no rule against redoing challenges.


For the J-9, am I allowed to teleport away from the jabberwocks?


With cybernetics, yes.


Moment of truth. The Altar is ready, time to Hallow it.

Of course… Anyone know where I can find these?


Well i found and raided an entire Necropolis with my bare hands but i didn’t find any treasure in particular except a couple laser pistols

I have a great artifact i keep on me at all times

I have passed a threshold

So i should have at least the 2 milestones… i dont know what one is looking for in the necropolis


The idea is you find an item that can only be found in a Necropolis, like a Laser Mod, experimental weapon, etc.


ah… what rooms would those usually spawn in?.. i have seen alot of stuff that i didnt care about down there


The Armory. They’re not a guarenteed spawn, however. And you might end up getting the totally useless Electrolaser Conversion if you’re unlucky enough. Or the Plasma Rifle, which is a good weapon, but shoots Hydrogen Cells, making it a bragging rights reward only.


darn… yeah i only found the laser pistols, RM103A automagnum, and the RM88 battle rifle which i am pretty sure those all can be found elsewhere


How am I supposed to get batteries for the Scrap Vehicle challenge?
Also, I found a Tribot at the site. Can I use its Welder?