Challenge thread!

I want to start a challenge thread, If something like this is already out there let me know.
Here are some rules:

1. Anyone can take the challenge that someone posts, If you complete it prove it with a screenshot with the challenge quote.
2. You can use any rules ie. Diffrent world gens combined with what ever your imagination can come up with. So if you want a world with 50x spawn and clear a hospital within 3 days, that will work.
3. Can only use mods that are built it the .A edition.
4. It is a challenge so nothing that is too easy.
5. You can complete your own challenges

(Some more rules may be added later but that’s all I got for now)

If you complete a challenge then I will add your name in a ranking system based on how many challenges you complete.


I will start it off with the 1st challenge:
Aquire a vehichle by any means and kill 100 Zombies in 4 days. Standard world with static spawn on, You can use any .A mods that you wish. Goodluck!