The Challenge

[size=12pt]Welcome to THE CHALLENGE![/size]

CURRENT CHALLENGE (Closes: 30th November)

[b]BLOW YOURSELF UP![/b] Participants must begin as a fresh character, and must die by explosion. Bonus points for size of explosion, monsters obliterated by it (so snap a screenshot prior to pulling the pin!) and dramatic flair. The rest is up to your imagination! ... and the RNG's generosity...

ComputerWarrior, Roame, TaintedHolyWater

The Challenge is not merely a race, but a competition. Participants keep a log of their progress towards the Challenge goal, and the log that is most worthy is awarded the title King. Each Challenge runs for seven days, after which the King chooses from the Participants the one most deserving of his Crown. This new King defines the next Challenge, and the cycle continues.



Participants are encouraged to document their progress in one post modified as they go. Bonus points for pretty pictures and creative gameplay. It goes without saying, but Participants are trusted not to use the debug menu or otherwise cheat.

Challenge Kings are encouraged to concoct challenges that are fun rather than tedious, and really just set the participants up for an interesting game! If the King fails to choose a winner within two days of the Challenge ending, the appointment of the Crown falls to majority vote.

A Challenge can be vague or specific, within reason. “Find a mininuke and detonate it in the center of a regional school” is rather vague, “Find a mininuke and commit suicide by detonating it in the center of a regional school whilst wielding the American flag” is a little more fun, but “Find a mininuke and commit suicide by detonating it in the center of a regional school whilst wielding the American flag, being on fire and surrounded by eight bananas” is pushing it. Leave space for the Participants to add their own creativity!

Finally, this isn’t really a competitive thing so much as a catalyst for interesting stories, and though it’s up to the King to choose a Challenge, he can certainly open it up to suggestions. Let’s keep things light and fun. C:



None, yet!

Uhh, i may try this. Reserving post.

I’ll see what I can do then.

So I’m guessing debugging is not allowed right? what makes you think everybody will play fair and not use it?

It can only be an honor rule unfortunately. When it comes time to judge logs, an overly convenient one or one lacking the photographic evidence will naturally be less exciting and less deserving of the Crown, anyway.

This sounds fun. I wish I would’ve known about it a few days ago. I was playing my character and pushing 42 days of survival, finally managed to raid a military bunker and got some good hardware. I stopped in at a doctor’s office on the way home and found a metal door that was locked and I couldn’t pick it. A quick browse through my inventory shows C4 I just got from the bunker so I figure that’s my way through this door. Activate the C4…Ok now what? Do I drop it? Throw it? Maybe activate it again to place the charge? I can tell you that re-activating it was not the correct procedure. KABOOM!

Haha, glorious.

I have decided that I’ll also enter a log, not to compete but just to break the ice. Here goes nothing…


The story of… [size=12pt]DANIEL DEATHWISH[/size]

Daniel awoke with a start in the dank evac shelter. Everything was suddenly so clear: his purpose in life was to explode. Though no-one would see it except the dead, it was the clearest and most profound revelation ever to wrinkle his brain. He maniacally dismantled the locker he had fallen asleep against and stood, holding his new pipe like a priceless treasure. He clenched his grasp around it, kicked open the door and marched off into the wilderness.

Daniel froze in his tracks. He should really check the evac shelter basement before rushing off. He was naked, after all. He wondered why he had only noticed this now. As he opened the basement doors, four zombies greeted him. Normally Daniel might have ran, ran and never looked back, but now his life had purpose. He was to explode. He clobbered these zombies, looted the basement and glanced over his equipment, quite content that his quest was going smoothly.

He trekked along the road, beside the river and to the north, aiming for the two gun stores he knew existed nearby. Though he was very content with his precious Pipe, he knew that a firearm or two wouldn’t hurt. He might even find an explosive! He got goosebumps thinking about it.

Along the way he encountered a zombie soldier, which he beat to a pulp. Unfortunately it carried nothing of the exploding variety. He did walk away with a helmet and elbow pads, at least, and he had not walked much further before he found a strange array of dead scientist-types. He looted them without guilt, netting a handful of ID cards, a Thermal Dissipation CBM and a bunch of other near-useless gadgets. He threw the CBM into the river. No temptation would stop him from exploding.

Marching across the bridge, he happened across a working truck, albeit without gas. He made a note to return for it; it was certainly explosive.

Reaching the outskirts of town, Daniel took a shortcut through a house. The sound of him shattering the window caught unwanted attention, however, and he spent a few grueling minutes flailing wildly at a number of zombies making a similar entry. He patched up his wounds, out of breath yet still fiercely determined. He could see the gun stores through the window.

Sprinting to the gun store caught him all kinds of attention, but he had learned exactly how skilled zombies were at vaulting through windows (they couldn’t) so he stood his ground and introduced them to his beloved Pipe. When nothing was left moving, he casually browsed the two gun stores. Remembering that all ammunition is technically just a small explosive, he made a note to return. For now he only grabbed a single barrel shotgun, a M1911 and a S&W 22A and the matching ammo.

He then decided that now was the time to get that truck working, so he headed towards the nearest hardware store, via a pawn shop which he suspected would have all kind of useful things. Smashing the window yielded another audience, and allowed him a chance to play with his new toys.

Daniel felt foolish when an alarm began blaring immediately after he blasted his shotgun. An eyebot appeared across the road, but seemed distracted by the roaming zombies. Gritting his teeth against the noise, Daniel continued his rhythmic loading, blasting, loading, blasting, until nothing more approached. Browsing the pawn shop, he helped himself to a nifty army helmet. There was also a broadsword, but he passed over it. His Pipe was all he needed, so beautiful in its simplicity.

Arriving at the hardware store, he was disappointed to find a steel compactor where he had hoped there would be a gasoline tank. His disappointment was comforted by the presence of a wheelbarrow though, which he dragged alongside him, tipping useful items into it from the shelves of the store. He wondered where he could find gasoline… He could not recall any gas stations in this part of town. He resolved himself to simply heading north and keeping his eyes peeled.

He had not walked far when the eyebot turned to face him, and began following closely. It seemed to blink suddenly, and an instant later the ground opened up and a police bot emerged from within. Daniel’s eyes widened as it rolled towards him. He fumbled for his M1911 and took aim. the robot began whooping a police siren and rolled ever closer. Daniel waited until it was close before squeezing the trigger. The robot’s lense disappeared with a large portion of its body and it fell backwards, silent.

Daniel breathed a sigh of relief, then turned and obliterated the ever-clicking eyebot.

He continued scouting the town, opting to stick to the edges. Zombies continued to find him, at one point as a group of seven zombie dogs. He traded his single barrel shotgun for a sawn-off after finding a number of traps, and fought off a small group of zombies attracted by the noise. Soon he was breathless and cut up pretty good, but relentlessly determined as ever. He would explode. There was no doubt.

He finished scouting the small town, disappointed to find not one gas station. He decided that his best chance lay in the public works back the way he had came. He caught his breath and headed towards the evac shelter where he would stay the night, grabbing some food from the houses on the way.

“NO!” he exclaimed, surprising himself. “I’ll go the the lab!”

Already partway to the evac shelter, it was not a significant detour. He wrenched his wheelbarrow through the mud; it was heavy with canned goods and ammunition now. Fate must be smiling upon him, because he was hand delivered a Calico M960 by a wandering zombie. As the sun was setting, he arrived at the metal doors of the local laboratory. He grinned as the console accepted his ID card and the doors slid open. Hopefully fate was still watching.

His wheelbarrow proved problematic getting down the damaged staircase, so Daniel left it and descended unhindered. He flicked on his flashlight and began to roam the chilly depths, eyes peeled for anything with “flammable”, “hazardous” or other bright sticker on the side. It was not belong before he spied a bulging duffel bag in the corner of a room. He cackled when unzipped it.

Yes, fate was still with him. He only hoped it would deliver a bomb of some kind. Further exploring yielded a riot helmet, much appreciated bandages, and some funky tasting energy drink called “mutagen”. Several times he was shot by what he can only assume were turrets - he did not leave the door open long enough to see - and before long he resembled a mummie with all the bandages he had used.

Then something amazing happened. He felt fate’s hand upon his as he touched the doorknob. He turned it. He swung the door open.

He hardly noticed the approaching security bots through the tears of joy now welling in his eyes. He clenched his grip around his shiny Calico’ and slammed the door shut again. He waited until he heard the treads roll to stop on the other side before ramming the door outwards and into its metal face. He peppered it with a squeeze of a trigger.

he kicked the casings out of the way and slammed the door shut again, taking a bullet to the leg in the process. He grimaced. It would be worth it. He shredded the second robot. 28 bullets remained. Another robot fell under a volley of lead. He waited ten long seconds, listening for signs of a fourth. He heard nothing, so he gingerly eased open the metal door. On the other side lay three smoldering hunks of metal, and in the center of the room an image of such beauty that he collapsed to his knees and wept.

Daniel counted them. 48. He recounted them. 48. Here lay, stacked neatly atop one another, 48 mini-nukes. He tipped out his backpack and begun excitedly stuffing it with sweet, sweet nuclear bombs.

It took four trips to move them all to the surface. Unfortunately his wheelbarrow had previously had a run-in with a bear trap, and was now unable to hold the 'nukes. He pondered for a moment. Could he get that truck working after all? Perhaps he could find another wheelbarrow or trolley? Either one of those solutions required a trip back to town, which would have to wait until the next day. He rolled out a rollmat and sleeping bag and slept amongst his bombs.

The next day was a blur. He broke into a house and waled on a fridge until it yielded a hose, collected a gallon jug from a dead scientist and went car to car siphoning fuel. Then he revisited the bridge, poured his hard-earned gas into the tank and revved the engine. He couldn’t help but grin like a maniac on the drive back to the lab.

Daniel found a suitable place for his final resting place, and he spent about an hour spreading his 'nukes around. He planted them in the grass, on the sidewalk, inside houses, covering the immediate area in a blanket of future inferno. Satisfied, he knew only two steps remained. He grabbed his trusty pipe and transformed it into the detonation switch for his masterpiece, filling it with gasoline, sealing it and adding a fuse. Next he fetched his M1911 and began jogging around town, firing at random.

He was truly overjoyed when he returned to his killing field, lit the fuse of his closest friend - his pipe - and sat, laughing at the approaching horde–

See kids, dreams really do come true.

A little imagination has to be employed for the last bit:
(a) The pipe bomb didn’t actually detonate the mininuke like I had hoped (just blew off Daniel’s hands, it seems)
(b) Even the mininukes didn’t detonate each other, sadly. We just have to imagine the carnage that might have happened!

The Challenge is to not lose the game, therefore you just lost the game and the challenge. Good day sir.

To blow up the RMCC or not to blow up the RMCC… that is the question…


Next time I will remember to check the site before playing… Eric Charter died gloriously and pictures would have made the tale epic.

Heavily fungus infected with both legs broken he clambered into his semi and scrounged for medical suplies… none. “Alright, time to go out like a man!” He grabbed the mininuke off the passenger seat -his pride, his joy, his trophy from that god awful laboratory- placed it on his lap and started the engine. She purred, she roared, she cried as the ram plate smashed tree after tree, “just a little further now.” and he flipped the switch. [B]10[/B] There it stood. [B]9[/B] His hated foe. [B]8[/B] Drawing closer. [B]7[/B] Almost there. [B]6[/B] The engine blows. [B]5[/B] Smashing into the tower! [B]4[/B] Vision fading. [B]3![/B] The shaking stops. [B]2![/B] And he dies. The round before the explosion goes off he bled out from a head wound.

This has been TaintedHolyWater saying I hate fungus.
I’ll roll up a new character and see if I can get any explosive results but I doubt it’ll be anywhere near as good.

EDIT: Actually he would be disqualified for not exploding… The bomb won’t go off until another character comes close enough for time to exist again. Kind of funny now that I think about it.

Do the 0.8 version characters count?

Edit: Oh wait hold on… Sorry its 0.6 I was talking about.

I bring to you… Jonny… “BIGBAANNNGGG”… Jjjooohhhnnsssooooooonnnnnnnnn!!!

[spoiler=Day one, it’s rather eventful.] We join Jonny “BigBang” Johnson at the evac shelter where he claims to be tired of the apocalypse. “It‘s just so mainstream.” He claims. “Everyone‘s doing it and it‘s always zombies. You know what they don‘t do?”
Isabel interrupted his ranting with her senseless crying.

This. This was something he could get behind. “Ya, I‘ma nuke yo‘ fucking house. Now gimmie something so I can get in that lab down there. Bet it has some nukes.” She handed over a lighter. “Really?! A frigen lighter‘s all you got? Guess we‘ll have to do this the hard way.” [I]Time to fix a car and smash my way in.[/I] And he headed out into the world with a pack  of smokes, a lighter and a pocket knife…

[I]What the hell is… Is that a helicopter? And a survivor… nope that‘s a zombie.[/I] 

After pelting the Z with rocks, sticks and a dead rat he got onto the good stuff. [I]Bags, helmet, bit of water, electronics, meh it’s all junk. Piece of shit didn’t have any… is that a rocket? BOOYA! And a V8 engine, son of a bitch is still intact. Wicked guess I can get into the lab already, I’ll be done by morning… Da-fuck is this shit? Aren’t rockets supposed to come with rocket launchers?![/I] Pissed about the ruined hopes he dropped the loot off at the shelter, strutting his stuff like everything was going according to plan.

Haven’t found a car yet but there was a dead guy in a cave with a can of dog food. Poor bastard must have starved without a can opener. [i]Guess I‘ll give it to one of these dogs running around.[/i] Sure enough the mangy mutt loves the stuff, keeps following Jonny around looking for more. At least he’s good company, not whining about his zombie mom like someone…

Nice, a pile of stuff on the side of the road and traps. “stay here” Jonny said shaking a finger at his new companion. Why does the RNG like to give nice things and then take them away? 

It’s that strange kind of quiet again, the calm before the storm without the playful barks to lighten the mood. [I]Ten bullets, I’ll use them well.[/I]

Another crash, they must have been aiming for the road just down from those traps. There’s all these robotics kits. “Time dilation?” [I]What the hell does that even mean.[/I]

Still only one day into his epic tale Jonny “BigBang” Johnson limped his way back to the shelter, confused, cold and suffering from an infection on his face. Thankfully he’d scrounged a few medical supplies and if worst came to worst he could burn it out but putting searing metal in his face sounded about as safe as that 'time dilation' thing.[/spoiler]

[Spoiler=The rest of the week, ends in a bang.] Day two, rain. Jonny considers going out anyway but considering the rough shape he’s in even after a night’s rest he decides against it. No, today he’ll craft a few necessities and read the stack of books he’s found. Cough.

Day five, cough, cough, hack. Food supplies have run out and the water tasted acidic… The mega store is close by but far too dangerous in this condition. Guess he’ll have to head to town for a little smash and dash, on in this case a sneeze and shuffle. Just going to get more supplies then go back to bed, try and sleep this off.
Found a house on the edge of town with plenty of food and water. Going to stay for a few days.

Day seven, finally feeling better and the sky is clear. Time to explore a little more and shake off some of the rust.

[I]A public works hmm? Might as well take a look.[I] Who would have thought fences could be so useful. Guess I’ll just shoot them, it’ll be good practice.

Turns out Jonny’s a shitty shot with only four kills in fifty bullets… wish he still had some of those when the hulk came charging out though. At least it didn’t kill him, time to start butchering. 
Apparently these parts from the shockers are ‘cybernetics’ or some such, guess it couldn’t hurt to try putting one in. Just one more. One more. That’s when the shearing pain hit, he screwed up bad and his genetics started to shift. [I]Oh god, I‘m hideous, I‘m… I‘m…[/I]

[I]Or not.[/I] he thought seeing himself in a puddle. 
This has got to be one of my luckiest characters yet (didn’t know you could get good mutations from cybernetics) and having said that I’m probably jinxed.

Nope things are still looking up, even in the shitty rain I found another little trap cluster. 
And here comes the jinx. Two zombears decide Jonny don’t need limbs or a face, thankfully with the use of the traps they’re survivable. Bearly. I know bad pun. 
Crippled with one arm and one leg mother nature came in with a big FU by sending more animals. Jonny and the coyote danced around the teleporters for a little bit until it finally stepped on a landmine. Who knew he’d be so quick to follow...

Jonny “BigBang” Johnson went out in an explosion but it was closer to a pop then the eruption he had planned. RIP Jonny, you had a hell of a week.


I don’t know if this one counts, as I’m not sure if it’s alright to post at the same time as another participant and if it’s allowed to use gasoline pumps as explosions.

Should either be against the rules, safely ignore this post and inform me please. Thanks. :wink:


There was once a lonesome sheriff. He had no car, no gun, and no authority thanks to the apocalypse which swallowed his job, and his apparently delicious family. Kinda made his badge and everything he worked for and gained in his lifetime useless. So he decided to do the logical thing.

He was going to die in a fiery explosion, taking as many of them veggie coloured dead with him. So he punched the locker in the evac shelter with his bare-hands to get a pipe.

No gun store or possible location of explosives anywhere in sight, save for a gas station to the south. On his way there, he was met with… sexy babes. And soldiers. He would drool if their body-parts weren’t falling off. A few quick pipe smashes later and he was the proud owner of a pair of rather mint condition army pants. He was about to steal them off the zombie soldier when he realized he /was/ already wearing army pants.

Feeling shame at being tempted to steal, he set for the city to the south-west to do what he was there to do in the first place; To attract a crapton of zombies. And attract them he did. Like, a few hundred. A bitch-crap, if you will. Perfect! On his way to a restaurant, he tripped over something and ignored it, continuing to run away from the more terrifying touchy-feely zombies. As luck would have it, the thing he tripped over was a bloody lighter.

Cursing under his breath, he raced back and picked the lighter. Not without the zombies getting a few bites it. “Dammit, I’m a recent widow! Have some respect!” the sheriff yelled as his clothes continued to be ripped off his body.

Luckily, he managed to lose the zombies along the way. A quick trip to the gas station to pour gasoline all over the place was made and he took the short trek back.

The only thing that was left to do was to lure the bitch-crap of zombies to the gas station and go BOOOM!!! He purposely ignored some rabbits which were looking menacingly at him.

Lo and behold, a few hundred zombies were there but they were ignoring him in favour of a bloody broken car! He had to think hard and fast to solve this dilemma.

“I’m sexy and I know it!” he screamed and the zombies were after him. Being considerably faster than them, he had to run several times in a half circle around them so that they wouldn’t lose him.

And so it was that he lit the lighter and torched himself and the heathens… Nah, just kidding. He lit the spilled the gasoline but nothing exploded. The zombies circled him and nearly teared him apart into tiny fresh human meat-pieces before he thought of lighting the actual gas-soaked pump on fire instead of trying to light every bloody gas spill on the ground.

But at long last, he succeeded and he died a happy man for not only did he rid the world of many zombies, but he died knowing that he was sexy and he knew it. Kidding again, the explosion killed at most ten zombies out of the horde around him. He still thought he was sexy, though.


I’m being thoroughly entertained by the logs so far! I even just finished my own, though it’s not in competition for the Crown.