The New Gods (Challenge Thread)


Found a High Density Capacitor in a Necropolis:
Necropolis treasure 1
That counts as treasure, right?


I’d say so. Also you lucky bastard! :cry: You should put that on your Laser Rifle.


I have it on, just took it off to show.

Edit: Powerful Artefacts:

These boots let me see through walls, at the cost of str, dex, int - 2 and per -5.

This adds str +4 and per -3.


+20 Speed…with no downsides at all. I just realized this was valid. So, is that enough for me to ascend to godhood?


Yup, you got it all. What is the name of your character and what will be your title?


Noble Culver, God of Slaughter!

EDIT: Spoke too soon. Something went wrong and I need to back up this world again…I lost the artifact, too.

EDIT2: Found a replacement.


Does this count?


Can you show the log where the hulk dies? I can’t see it on the sidebar.


I have new messages on my sidebar on the top, not the bottom.


It doesnt count because you need to have the killing blow be made by the money bundle.


Ah. That’ll be significantly more difficult. Well, that’s what I get for wanting all those extra attacks. :stuck_out_tongue:


Turns out that when I got within Melee Range, it went down easy…


If I altered the code to make Ants as aggressive as zombies (absolutely fearless, rush you all at once) and then tried to rip them all down myself, would that penalize me?

I have a very aggressive ant problem from PK’s Rebalance, and I need to kill them all, but sadly nothing it working so far and I don’t just want to debug kill them all, so I was asking if this was alright.


Nice job everyone! Especially you Psy, doing all that AND while using PK’s mod?!.. yowzers… you had your work cut out for you and definitely earned it!

I saw you asked about what would constitute cheating earlier in the thread, and I remembered reading THIS in the wiki a while back, but not sure how up to date it is.


I mean, your already a god but sure, go ahead.


I ultimately didn’t do it (since I’m going for High God).

I did manage to kill lots and lots of ants, however after having a psychotic break. Over a thousand, in fact. I mean, I ripped a hole in reality in the process, but at least I’ve finally thinned the population of those God damned ants.


Got my unarmed to 20!


Nice, didn’t know it was still possible


I think he’s using the stable version


Nope. I’m using the Experimental. But I do have both Fast Learner and Apex Predator along with Skill Rust turned off.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like you can get any of your other melee skills up to 20…