The New Gods (Challenge Thread)


Oh, ok then. Ill change it to that.


Ken Reinhardt the NPC, punching a shocker brute’s lights out using his 15 base strength and 5 unarmed combat levels.

Scrapping a chicken walker with his trusty axe.

Chopping a fungal spire down to size. Environmental protection is for pansies.

The J-9. Jabberwocks can’t touch THE WALL.

And 2000 radiation? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Literally.

Here’s his fancy clothing (monocle included) and artifact. I regret nothing.

If that’s everything, that will be Ken Reinhardt - God of Strength.


You still need two milestones, however. Also Kudos, I’ve been trying nonstop and I’ve only gotten 3 challenges done…gonna try the J9 soon. >.>


That’s what the last picture is for - full set of fancy clothing, and an artifact.


Well shit. Congrats.


The first NPC god?

Stupid character limits.


Completed several challenges.

Question: what exactly is the treasure of a Necropolis?
The only valuables I’ve found were a mod for my laser rifle and some chicken walkers.


Killed 10 for good measure.



Found a Can Sealer (and a Heavy Duty Cable) in the Necropolis. Do these count as “Treasure”?


you know, i have taxes to pyy and this game takes some electricty so… no


(accualy am just a pussy)


Well shit, you just earned a high god for completing two impossible feats. Also what’s the name of your character cause I’m on mobile right now and the pictures are blurry.
Good job! I definitely wouldn’t have the patience to get an npc to godhood. Post your character’s name, this alone rose you to high god imo.


Well if you think it’s High God worthy, Efren Kramer - High God of Brotherhood.


Feasts Upon Stars, and I believe I’ll be God of Hunger.


The electric vehicle challenge lets you scavenge a spraycan. I think that is because spraycans used to be a tool to make welding goggles, but now welding goggles are made from tinted glass, duct tape, and goggles.

Can the spraycan be replaced with 3 pairs of sunglasses?


I may have already achieved High Godhood, but I still want to complete as many of these challenges as possible.
So, here’s my Fungal Spire challenge:


Does killing a tank drone surrounded by regular and smoker zombies count? And are mainline mods allowed? I found a few bugged items, but what counts as a bug item?


I imagine the tank drone kill requires an unoccupied drone in open ground, so I’m not sure that counts. Though, I’m fairly sure that mainline mods are allowed.
A bug item is any item that the player is never supposed to get, generally such items say they’re bugs in their descriptions.

Here’s my pain challenge:

Made some medical serum, got Masochistic, had fun with a welding rig.


Imgur isn’t working for me, so I need to post the pictures here. I’ll try to keep them small.

Proof that I didn’t use environmental protection.

Alright, that’s five challenges. Sweet! Thank god, too, because this is gonna hurt so much when mushrooms erupt from my arms…


Found a bug item, i will show the capture when i get back my internet.