The New Gods (Challenge Thread)


I asked flame before about the FBA and he said yes, I had to install it. Also I don’t think they should be separate because if you have all the CBMs already, you probably would have most of the power storage needed.

That seems okay, Ill add it
EDIT: Well then again, it could be viable to be a High God challenge


Do you mean an insta-godhood challenge?


The question isn’t “Do I have to install all the CBMs” so much as “Do I have to keep all the CBMs after they’re installed?”


Does dissasembling a spoon counts as bending it?


No, I mean as the qualifier for godhood. You are thinking of a joke/impossible challenge. Also no, disassembling a spoon is not bending it. It’s a joke, that’s why it is in the joke/impossible section.

No, I suppose not


ayy so close :rofl:

I guess i will slap to death a hulk with some dead presidents.


What about a damaged spoon?


Look, if you want to get psychic powers, the first place you wanna look is the cults. That is what the design folder says about Psionics (along with some other things).


Stop asking about the bent spoon, I really have no clue if it is even possible. I’m pretty sure it’s just Kevin having fun with item descriptions.


Killed the Shoggoth unarmed. Took longer than it should have because I forgot to take off my mask and pants. :stuck_out_tongue:


that sounds so wrong.


I picked up the Cargo Pants earlier. Earlier on, I’d been wearing only briefs and only recently realized “I’ve been wearing no pants this whole time!”

There really needs to be better clothing choices for mutants.


There should be more options than a big ass jumpsuit and some funny sleeves sounds like a good idea… WRONG. New endgame is now portayed as being an op streaker.

Also you didn’t catch the joke, don’t you?


I did. I just didn’t comment on it.


Nice, I’m excited to see who is going to be the first new god!


Did half of this by accident, the rest was just waiting an hour. The pain is unbearable.


Ouch, that doesn’t look fun


I think one of these two (or both) should be added as challenges or milestones.

Find the treasure of a Necropolis.

Kill a combined total of 54,594 Zombie species enemies.

I suggest these because there is a lack of challenges/milestones that involves mass slaughter, and that makes me sad.


Sure, I can add them



Though, I put the specific number of zombie enemies in as a reference to Dead Rising’s Zombie Genocider Achievement. This is also so someone doesn’t just zero-effort it by just killing Breathers.