The lightstrip, it does nothing!

So I’m using the latest experimental build as of two days ago, and using a Lightstrip, either by having it in inventory or on the ground nearby, doesn’t appear to have any effect other than messing with my Nightvision. The lighting level remains “very dark”. I can’t use it to read or craft. What purpose does this serve now if the light it emits is too weak to even read by?

Yeah, it was reported already. This also affects atomic nightlight.

This is related to recent rework of illumination system.

Not sure if this is truly a bug or a new set of features, The “Atomic Lamp” Works perfectly.

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Aren’t you that guy btw, Does From the depths ring a bell? :slight_smile: cheers m8

I have one installed in my car to avoid fiddling with Dome lights and it stopped working a few days ago.

haven’t tried installing it to a vehicle but it works just fine if it’s in your inventory or on the ground (c0733e3)

Is this why standing in front of a console suddenly makes the surroundings outside its light radius dark?

because nightvision does not work in the light.

Ahhh. I do have fey nightsight activated.

More lighting derps.

Also, with no light I’ll often flat-out be unable to see a WALL right next to me even with the natural light level being more than enough to see in every other direction.

It seems like the lighting code is just very prone to causing more bits of unrealistic absurdity than it solves. :V

EDIT: Have night vision. Can see just fine. Activate glowstick. Vision range reduced to non-night-vision levels.

That is how night vision works, or in a lot of cases. When in clear light, your night vision part gets overloaded, so you don’t use your night vision.

It is realistic.

But from a glowstick?

My point exactly. :V

My point exactly. :V[/quote]
Yeah some easy-mode sauce wouldn’t be a stranger on my plate either.

All I know is it’s twilight irl right now and I could see everything in my room just fine, if dim, until I looked at my monitor. Now everything except my monitor is black. Stupid lousy real-time eyes adjusting to use dayvision for my monitor when it’s night. How dare, eyeballs.

I agree it needs a bit of fine-tuning ingame to really feel natural though.

…so wait, if i start with the nightvision perk, and try to use a glowstick, I can’t read?

This lighting change hurts my brain at times.

Yes, but not for the reason being mentioned in the thread.
Quite simply, nightvision doesn’t let you read IRL, and there’s no good reason mutated versions of it would be any better at it, so if you’re in lighting where you can only really see because of nightvision, then you can’t read.
This doesn’t actually have anything to do with the light/vision overhaul, it just got changed at the same time.