Is there something screwy with the night vision perk?

It works fine in “very dark” conditions, but if you move into an area of “shady” or “cloudy” lighting, your vision range is seriously reduced compared to very dark. The easiest example of this is moving next to the computer console in the starting evac shelter. if you’re standing two squares away from it, you can dimly see up to five squares out. If you’re one square away or adjacent, it’s pitch black beyond your adjacent squares. What’s up with that?

I noticed this, it’s REALLY annoying when you’re carrying something that produces dim light, like the atomic nightlight, or something that only gives a 1-tile bright lighting, like the atomic lamp. Doesn’t work with any variant of night vision.

It’s even derpier than that.

Thankfully some of these oddities have been acknowledged, but fixes are being delayed due to work on z-level vision.

Thought this was a feature since you are using your dayvision when in light and nightvision when in dark. Wall thing is a bug I think.

NV not working in any sort of light is a feature. Wall thing is a bug.

Yeah, it makes sense. Any sort of light will ruin your natural night vision.

True. The “just barely dark enough to hinder daylight vision” thing makes sense, but a source of player confusion.

Be more realistic if you were in a house and if all the blinds were closed, and your night vision would start to improve over time (45mins-1 hour), but you’d lose it if you turned on a light of any sort.