The Airport Jacket



…pbbt. Only if we add airports, in which case these should have stupidly high encumbrance, fold up into a bulk bag of the same volume as the item, and only spawn on a corpse at the security checkpoint. 3:

Ooh, for added fun the airport should have still-working metal detectors that sound an alarm and activate turrets if you go through with any metal objects in inventory (or any CBM except the carbon fiber armor), and an x-ray machine you can crawl through to get past the metal detector.

The latter obviously irradiates you. :V

And don’t forget plenty of grabber zombies.

it looks like survivor trench coat but without armor and more storage, i think survivor should be able to craft something like that with enought materials and skills (well, it would be even easier than survivor, just get recipe how to make it if it have to be foldable)