International Airport?

What if there was a bigger airport than the private airstrip in the game? I find it kind of weird that Boston Logan International, one of the top 20 busiest airports in the entire country, isn’t represented in any way, shape, or form.

International airports occupy a massive area of the overmap, but are still smaller than the military base. They’re completely walled off by reinforced fences that can stand up to hundreds of zombies. They have 2-4 airstrips, some of which cross one another. Waiting at the gates and on the runways are intact versions of the crashed airliners, some of which are empty and others are containing anywhere from less than a dozen to more than a hundred zombies. Potentially, a crashed airliner could be blocking a runway, destroyed after its pilots died mid-landing. Just off the runway is the fueling station, which contains more avgas and military fuel than almost any other area in the game. The inside of the airport is rather conventional, with shopping, security, bagging, and other areas typical to a large airport. Near the entrance is a set of passageways that lead to the rental car lot, taxis and buses, and a metro station underneath the whole thing. Connecting everything is a set of utility tunnels that go both above and below the main level, serving either as an avenue for the player to sneak past the enemy or for the enemy to ambush the player, with zombies falling out of vents in the ceiling.

The airport is packed to the rafters with zombies, their types varying based on where in the building you are. The luggage area and the airplanes contain many, many suitcases, packed with clothes and personal items. If you’re strong enough to take this place, they’re probably not very useful, unless you’re looking to get cash cards or something. Shopping areas contain various items depending on what shop you’re in. The security area is mostly empty of loot, save for bins of shoes, backpacks, and personal electronics. However, there’s a room in which they keep confiscated things, such as weapons, ammo, and explosives. Heck, considering how crazy people got just before it all came down, you could probably find some radioactive material or exotic drugs if you were lucky.

Another treasure trove is located just outside the building. Huge volumes of vehicles are gathered in the parking lots outside, many of them relatively pristine. If you don’t want to look around for them, and you’re willing to brave the horde, the rental car lot along with the taxi and bus area both contain high-condition vehicles. A military blockade has a chance of spawning on the road leading up to the entrance, containing zombie soldiers, civilian corpses, and military vehicles of varying condition. Even more rarely, a group of Old Guard soldiers can appear guarding the entrance, attempting to lure the zombies out and into their line of fire. If the player has positive reputation with the Old Guard, they can get quests from the officer in charge, revolving around retrieving 5.56 NATO for their guns and assassinating high-danger zombies to prevent them from breaking through the line. The player is rewarded with military rations, schematics for military equipment, and, ultimately, they are given a high-caliber sniper rifle for the purposes of picking off the elite zombies. Completing the final quest rewards the player with an M202 FLASH and four rockets, with the purpose of attracting and thinning out the zombies for the player and the soldiers to destroy, clearing out a large, spacious, and well-defended structure that would make a great player base.

That’s all. Danke for listening.

Great idea, no even need to make it a mod, its fine for the vanilla. Feel free to make it, mapgen is not as hard, mostly just boring

Don’'t most international airports also have some sort of customs or police presence with their own section? Including some decent weapons and gear in the event of some terrorist attack (not too unreasonable given the craziness that happens before the catalclysm). Maybe that could be a potentially high-value loot location?

Ooh, good idea. Denser security zombies than confiscation area, but higher-grade gear and less chance of radiation poisoning. Nice.