Text not available for translation

I’m working on argentinian translation, do I have to inform about the strings that are not available for translation on Transifex?

The translation template is periodically updated, usually by VlasovVitaly (thanks!). He generally keeps very up to date, so if there are untranslatable strings, it is likely because we forgot to annotate it when it was added, so reports of missing strings help us track them down and annotate them for export.

tl;dr If there are untranslatable strings it’s helpful for you to report them here.

OK, thank you. I will report the strings here.

  • When you become marshal: “…that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion…”

  • The NPC’s job on dialog: Merchant, Representative, Foreman, Farmer, etc.

  • Effects on speed in character’s info:

  • Text when you die:
    “You are forgotten among the billions lost in the cataclysm…”

  • When you wield and object, the text on the message log:
    "You wield your navaja"

Effects on speed in character’s info: - fixed
"You wield your navaja" - fixed

  • When you become marshal: “…that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion…” - can’t be fixed (by me). I never fix Factions and NPC problems. Sorry
  • You are forgotten among the billions lost in the cataclysm…" - same reason. Factions code.

he NPC’s job on dialog: Merchant, Representative, Foreman, Farmer, etc. - this can be fixed. Not sure, maybe problem in src/npc.cpp:150 Maybe someone other can…

I don’t fix factions or NPC because their code in too complicated and can’t be fixed without major refactoring.

Ok, thank you, LazyCat-rus.
I’ll keep posting here if I found something else.

Boulders (added on #3869) aren’t translatable yet.

I can’t translate the noun (in this case, “tent”) in “Take down the %s?” string.

Do I keep adding replys? Or should I modify the last post I wrote?

Can’t translate:

  • This piece of clothing won’t hinder special attacks that involve mutated anatomy

  • Categories and subcategories in crafting menu (WEAPON, bashing, cutting…, AMMO, bullets, arrows… etc.) I could translate them before.

  • Moon”, above season and day number on the sidebar.

Yes keep on.
I will fix them when have some time.

Can’t translate:

  • "Rising Str to 9. Calculating new stats based off skills"
    I’m guessing all text related to StatsThoughSkills can’t be translated.

I’ve found more strings that doesn’t appear on Transifex for translation:

  • Main menu: [Settings] and "Please report bugs on github.com/CleverReaven/Cataclysm-DDA/ or the forums"
    And options inside Settings: [Options] [Keybindings] [Autopick] [Safemode] [Colors]
    On Help menu, “1: List of item types and data
    2: Description of map symbols
    3: Description of gun types
    4: Frequently Asked Questions (Some Spoilers!)”

  • When trying to exit the game: “Really quit?

  • On Mods list: More Craftables - Disable mutagens - Disable religious texts - Disable NPC needs - Improved survivor weapons - More clases and scenarios - Simplified nutrition

  • Please wait while the world data loads…

I could translate this before:

  • This clothing lies close to the skin.
  • This clothing performs well even when soaking wet. This can feel good.
  • Etc.

Some things are translated on Transifex, but still appears in english like the options related to Safe mode in the Options menu: Auto pickup safe mode - Auto-safe mode - Turns to re-enable safe mode - Safe mode - Safe mode proximity distance - Safe mode when driving
Same with missions from NPC: “Everyone who dies gets back up, right? […]

Is LazyCat-rus not working on translations on Transifex anymore?

Is brett.browning.dong in this forum?

Hello…? I feel lonely…

I will keep adding strings that doesn’t appear on Transifex for translation, just in case:

  • You smash the […] with a powerful shoulder-chek
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Thank you, anothersimulacrum
Other strings I’ve found:

  • The wounds on your […] are bandaged” (player menu)

  • Cover your head” (item action menu)

  • Reading this book affects your morale by” (there are two strings translated for this text in Transifex: avatar.cpp and item.cpp, and yet in game when I skim a book it appears in english)

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Looks like for some reason they may not have been extracted? I’m not sure, but when I run the script to update the strings for translation, it gets pulled with them.

lang/po/cataclysm-dda.pot:msgid "The wounds on your %s are bandaged."
lang/po/cataclysm-dda.pot:msgid "The wounds on your %s are disinfected."

I don’t see this string anywhere, could you give more information about where you see it (e.g. what item)?

It appears that this string recently had a period added to the end, meaning that the existing translations no longer work for it. Whenever the translations are updated to transifex, this and the first one should be resolved.

Thank you for the reports, even though there doesn’t appear to be any change springing from them!

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That’s because it was “Cover head”, it appears with the bandana (my bad).


Ah yeah, same deal there as with the others, it appears to be a new string, running the extraction script catches it.

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Thanks. Is there an EASY way for me to “run the extraction script” so I can check them myself?

The scores aren’t on Transifex.

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You need to be using linux (Mac probably works too) or running something like WSL or msys2, in which you clone the cataclysm github repo.

Once that is cloned, cd into the lang/ directory and run update_pot.sh (You may need to install some things, such as GNU gettext first). This will extract the translatable strings from JSON and C++, and compile them in po/cataclysm-dda.pot. You can then search through there for the string you are looking for to see if it is translatable.

You can also run merge_po.sh to distribute the changes from the cataclysm-dda.pot file to all the individual .po files, in case you want to do some manual testing (IMPORTANT NOTE: All translation done must be through transifex, making changes here does not work for how we update translation). If you’ve done some manual translation and want to see your updates in action, run compile_mo.sh, and then you can start the game and see your changes.

It looks like these were erroneously added to the the list of things not to extract strings from. Luckily, it appears like it’ll be an easy fix.

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