Survivor Monsters - Unrelseased [Info and Discussion]

So rather than continue hijacking the Resident Evil Reference thread, I’ve put this one up before the mod is finished.

It was suggested that some of the more famous people on the forums are added as an easter egg. Deciding this was simple enough to do, I’ve started making it. For the most part these ‘monsters’ are going to be very dangerous and more likely than not to end whoever they encounter. So it goes without saying this mod isn’t very well balanced. Effort will be made later down the line to balance things out but in the mean time I need a few things from some folks on the forums that’ll make development go faster…

I need something of character ‘forms’ from
HunterAlpha1, John Candlebury, RivetTheZombie, and half a dozen others who I can’t remember at the moment but will remember the moment I click ‘post’ and feel bad about for the rest of the night.

Character forms should consist of the icon, a short description of your character, a handful of gear options (With no regard to how custom it is), some abilities, and how you want your monster to respond to the player. Your gear should be limited (It’s what will drop if the player manages to defeat your ‘monster’) but can be as custom as you please. (I fully expect Rivet to have some prototype version of a Rivtech weapon.) There will be no crafting recipies for these items.

Well, first of all, thanks!




Looks like a normal survivor from afar, if you ignore the weird, colorful and out of place christmas gnome hat. Quite fancy though.

Ok, being at 5 AM does not help you come up with good descriptions.

About clothes, nothing not normal: the obvious stuff, socks, boxers, t-shirt. Over it add jeans, a jacket, and sneakers. Backpack as the cherry of the cake! And the hat.

Maybe add a cellphone for listening to music, because, it’s like breathing for me.

I would most likely flee and shoot from afar. Because having like, an springfield rifle (a favorite) is a must! And in the case of hand to hand, hammers!

Thanks for making this! Remember to make ninja not die and instead dissapear because ninja. Ok, going to sleep, 5 am.

I wonder if I can make him ‘disappear’, drop a live smoke grenade and a small loot bundle… XD

I lied, still laying down. Well, you can use the DISSAPEAR tag? Like the alucinations! I guess being a ninja you get the reference! d:

I think the DISSAPEAR tag also means he can’t do damage, plus would cause the one message to pop up, I think.

I love the idea!!!

Make me a reskinned cow with a leap attack.



A man turned into a fluffy moth-like being by one of the labs around here. He’s covered in grey fur with dark grey markings, and is wearing a green hoodie, cargo pants and custom-built sandals. He looks pretty jumpy, but he’s holding a crowbar of sorts, which he might use in a pinch.

Mutations: Antennae, Insect Wings, Grey Fur, Stubby Tail (or Fluffy Tail, not sure which works better here)

Behavior: Will straight up flee from the survivor while making squeaky moth noises. If cornered, will attack with crowbar.

Gear drops (common):
Cargo Pants
Either leather sandals or cord sandals or flip-flops (Maybe randomly rolled)
Makeshift crowbar (or more rarely a standard crowbar)

Rare/Unique Drops:
Chaz’s sandal-boots (replaces the footwear above if it drops):
These look like winter boots with the toe section cut off to give the feet some freedom. It provides more coverage than most sandals, is less encumbering to walk in, and actually provides a little warmth, but not much.

Chaz’s Crowbar (replaces the crowbar item above, mostly a joke item)
This is in no way just an ordinary crowbar with ‘Chaz’ engraved into it. This crowbar also gives you a bonus to pry open doors and windows that are already unlocked!

Looks like you w ill get a ton of requests, Ek!
First, i think the dissapear tag only males you dissapear in death? The Great Lord in Evil Moose has that tag and still kills. It’s the On Death function. Second, well Chazychaz, I think mutations are not necessary because it’s a monster d:

[quote=“TheFlame52, post:44, topic:7929”]@

A massive, muscular humanoid bigger than a zombie hulk. It is clad in survivor armor and wields a laser pistol. It emits clouds of spores occasionally. It sees you, but does not consider you a threat.[/quote]
I’ll describe more stuff later.


A short man dressed in all black. He has a massive sword sheathed on his back and another at his waist. He seems friendly as he’s waving at you.

When encountering the player, Ninja will not be hostile. He will always call the player a Skrub. IfWHEN the player decides to attack him, their first attack will always miss. He will start teleporting everywhere. (Give him the “hard-to-hit” thing that skeletons have). Occasionally, he will pop smoke at his position and when close the the player, emit that gas riot robots spray at you. Give Ninja some high melee and dodge too :slight_smile:

Smoke grenades
Black gi tabi (?)

The Bolter: A pneumatic bolter with a flamethrower attached to it. (Not sure how hard it is to code weapons with a fire attack without an attachment)

Double barrel shotgun: A double barrel shotgun with a bayonet duct-taped on it. Somehow, it swings faster and loads faster than you think.

A Post-apocalyptic Katana: A piece of sharpened, curved metal with a cloth-wrapped handguard. Looks like a katana.

I don’t know if first hit miss and teleporting is possible? The smoke yes, though! d:

Cougars use mini-teleports when they “leap”.

They have the “Leap” tag, and it also makes the thing say “X leaps’!”. It could be used though!

This provides the opportunity to kill you all. just what i always wanted ! i am so happy right now.


By making that joke i think… WE NEED INADEQUATE HERE.

Okay I’m just going to say, that while a lot of these ideas are /really/ creative I can only use stuff that’s already coded into the game. So if you want to be using a gun you’re pretty much limited to behaving like a mobile turret.

For example, FunsizeNinja123 is setup to, on death, use the smoker explode deathstyle. Which means when he “dies” it says “The Funsize Ninja explodes!” But no body is left behind, just the loot and a burst of smoke. Using the “Melt” deathstyle causes the game to crash if you give it loot to spawn.

The game also seems to have a list of which “monster” abilities it uses with a preference, no matter how low I set the cool-down or it’s position in the list “Parrot” is low on that list of preferences and turret attacks are high.

I’ve also noticed an odd trend with my NPC, which is currently using the BMG turret ability, regardless of whether or not it’s listed as “hostile” to you, it still shoots at you. Lots of interesting bugs so far.

Hmm. Smoke bomb on death wasn’t what I had on mind, but sure! I can leave nothing behind. It’s like I didn’t die…

But if you could solve my bug, then sure. Give the player some loot when they “kill” me :smiley:

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:18, topic:7981”]Hmm. Smoke bomb on death wasn’t what I had on mind, but sure! I can leave nothing behind. It’s like I didn’t die…

But if you could solve my bug, then sure. Give the player some loot when they “kill” me :D[/quote]

The smoke-bomb on death is supposed to be a “escape” thing XD It also allows for you to drop loot on your not-death. I’ll see if the smoker uses an attack-ability for it’s smoking and if it does I can set the cool-down a lot higher so your monster isn’t constantly smoking.

well a walking loot pile, shocker with more armor and hp

Former survivor now undead. He wear so many watches! His bionic power make him glow, may it shock you![/center]

-Shocker zap
-Glow in dark
-200 hp and good cutting with medium bashing armor
-give bionics on butcher like sciencist or bio operator
-see in darkness (if its possible)
-other zombie powers (smell, resurrect, hear)


-meat jerky and more meat jerky
-atomic cofee
-some watches
-0-2 biomonitors
-2 sheath or 0-2 scabad
-gas mask
-common skill book (no lab recipes and no canibal skill book)
-broken laptop (allways)
-wearable flashlight or two of it
-grapling hook
-clean water

-walter ppk
-light survivor glowes
-survivor boots
-survivor back pack
-survivor tool belt (forgot name)
-any bow other than self bow
-heavy wooden arrow or stell bolts