Suit up! A thought on coverage

Would it be at all possible ((or desirable)) to have the protection, warmth and encumbrance that multiple body part covering articles of clothing provide vary from part to part? I’ll explain further.

Survivor suits – Specifically the lighter ones that describe themselves as being a combination of leather and a cut down bullet proof vest. I’d imagine that these would offer the most protection/warmth/encumbrance for your torso, leaving the limbs both relatively unfettered and decidedly less well armored/insulated.


I like it!

+1, but I dunno how coding it is gonna work out.

Definitely something that would go into the game if somebody merged it, though we might need a better way to display the info than what we have right now.

This would be desirable from both a realism and gameplay point of view, and as long as it defaults to being uniform, we could build out differences as needed, so it doesn’t require changing EVERY armor definition.

That’s a grand idea.

Has this really never been mentioned before??

Probably, but not worded correctly.

I thought the encumberance level of multi-part armor would encumber all body parts equally.

So you’re telling me that even if it encumbers both the torso, legs and arms for like 1/2 encumbrance it only really provides protection to the torso?

Currently multi-part attire provides the same amount of protection/warmth/encumbrance to every part of the player it covers.

This suggestion is focused around changing that, as it probably shouldn’t be the case for allot of the things out there. Example:

*A suit of old fashioned plate armor would likely provided the same protection and encumbrance body-wide.
*Pretty much any of the survivor suits seem like they’d be more heavily armored at the torso–given how allot of their offered protection is thanks to a bullet-proof vest.