Clothes & armor coverage

Every clothing item in game cover some part of the body. Let’s take survivor thenchcoat, for example. Description says that it has 85% coverage and it covers torso & arms. Does it cover 85% of torso and 85% of arms? Or does it cover 85%/2=42,5% of torso and 42,5% of arms?.
Also, I thought about some sort of subcategories of body parts. Like now we have eyes and mouth as parts of the head, there can be chest, belly and groin for torso. Or brachium, antebrachium and elbow for arms. It’s absolutely unnecessary to make separate encumbrance mechanics for this subcategories. But we will know for sure, that elbow pads cover exactly 100% of elbows and not some vague 20% of arms.

I think 85% of each body part.

And there are some ideas to expand the clothing system. But that is quite a lot of work. (And we need to bugfix, add Zlevels, npcs, fix the langauge issues, the display issues, etc ;)).

That’s just an idea, no need to rush for it in highest priority. I appreciate your work.

Soyweiser’s correct: clothing/armor covers the stated percentage, on every area covered.