Survivor suits not providing protection

While playing a regular game, I made the survivor suit, and despite the stats on the description, it seems that the survivor suits don’t seem to give any protection at all.

As the first thing I did was raid a lab, and I noticed I took significantly more damage just wearing the suit, than wearing layers of clothes, Kevlar and Arm\Leg Guards.
Since at first, by coincidence I only got hit at the arms, I figured the arms and legs had different protection than the torso, but because I didn’t feel like killing my character on testing, I decided to use Debug Mode for what it’s made for, and I downloaded another game to test this out, and with characters with 19 str with the tough trait, I compared the heavy survivor suit to the Kevlar vest, Kevlar provided much more protection allowing a character to survive 25 minutes against a normal zombie.

I then compared the heavy survivor suit to being naked (both wearing survivor headgear) and they both survived 8 minutes, and even wearing just a trench coat, a leather vest and a few shirts with the survivor helmet\mask survived for 20 minutes. only the survivor Helmet and mask, and possibly boots and gloves seemed to do anything.

I’ve searched the forum and on Git, but I couldn’t find a relevant topic on this armor.

That’s odd. I wonder if something’s gone odd in the armor code.

On the other hand, I’ve been wearing survivor suits in my save file for quite some time, and they’ve been working just fine.

Could it be that the extra encumbrance was causing your character to get hit more often, thus overcoming the armor’s resistance faster than the kevlar vest alone, which doesn’t encumber quite so much?

My character actually had a encumbrance of 2 opposed to what is usually more than 5.

I started testing characters with 84 hp, and testing with a single zombie and they still die at a consistent time, characters wearing nothing but survivor gear including helmet, boots, gloves and heavy survivor armor died at the same time as a naked one (with a survivor helmet). I just never seen the massage saying that the torso has been protected, sometimes with arms and legs, but they may be the hands and feet.
Testing with the kevlar again the character still survived 4 times longer.

And this is with a fresh install of the latest experimental build

I’ve even tested with plate armor and a barbute, which survived a few minutes longer but died from head wounds rather than torso wounds, with 60 health remaining on the torso.

Anything I can upload that may help?

The ‘protected’ message only shows up when your armor completely absorbs all the incoming damage, which isn’t a guaranteed thing in any case.

As far as the survivor suits not working while other armor is, that really shouldn’t be possible since there’s not really any difference between them and other suits of armor.

Yet that’s how it is in my game.

A memorial file containing 24 characters, 6 for each being unarmored and for wearing either kevlar, plate or the heavy survivor suit.

The kevlar by itself doesn’t ever give the message either, but at least it’s clearly giving damage reduction, as all the characters I tested died from head wounds most of the time when they wear any other armor besides a survivor suit, and without a helmet. While the heavy survivor suit and unarmored characters died every time from torso wounds due the the larger chance to hit it, and they died at around the same time too.

However, every time a character with kevlar or plate die from a torso wound, rather than a head wound is because the armor has been damaged or destroyed, reducing the damage reduction thus making it more likely die from torso wounds. Also, every other armor got damaged while non of the heavy survivor suits even got marked possibly because it has 0% coverage even though it displays 100%.

What do you mean by there not being a difference between them, are you regarding the files? So do all items in data files determine their stats? I opened a copy of armor.json and read that it does have 100% coverage, but I also don’t see the values for protection against bashing and cutting on any of the items.

I am programming\coding brain-dead so I wouldn’t know.

The actual values for the two damage types are determined by the material(s) and thickness value.

Functionally, the survivor suits aren’t any different from a suit of plate mail, for example. It’s just a set of materials and a list of body parts they cover plus a ‘coverage’ value which works like a percentage chance-to-hit.

Perhaps somebody with better programming mojo than I could tell you more about the weird damage behavior, but I’m at the edge of my depth here, and I’ve not experienced it myself.

I’ve have been tinkering with the files and found that items with a storage capacity higher than 24 negates all damage protection.

By the way, didn’t you say you aren’t having this problem? Which version have you been using?

I’m using both 08-777 and 08-1222, and they both been exhibiting this issue.

I stand corrected.

Mea culpa, I should have tested this with a character with no dodge skill. Silly me, using my old character!

It is indeed a weird exclusion rule in the code that handles armor, just as you said.

I’ve snipped it out in a PR (now merged and fixed!) and as far as I can find in testing, it fixes it. I’ve found that my test characters still tend to die from body shots even with the fix, but that’s because the majority of attacks land on the torso unless your character has a martial art blocking maneuver.