[SPOILERS] Your Base


Pretty much everything on the poll list is good enough for me, might be a bit before it gets added but the main camp is from Sehn_Knight, in Jun of 2015… so there is a decent chance :slight_smile:


I made a blacksmith hut, though i feel like a forge is something that should be done outside due to heat/vapor etc.




Is there any chance that this would eventually include taking over existing buildings? Say a mansion, or a publicworks, something along those lines? A few modifications, some furnishings, they could make really awesome bases.

Would we also eventually be able to upgrade walls and such? Wood is nice, but I sure would like my own reinforced concrete death citadel.


The biggest issue with using existing buildings is that we don’t know what is there. It would be easy to add “recapturing building X” mission but it presents tons of issues that are solvable but would probably be more of a pain than they are worth. Spending a week making a program that has a 75% of putting furniture in an acceptable place in any given room seems boring to me so I doubt I’ll ever deal with it. Otherwise we’d have to program for how to capture each structure specifically… which seems even worse if there are more than four or five.

Current plan is to have lots of missions that target OM tiles for deconstruction (forests, buildings, rubble) to yield specific resources. The 9 tile base can be modified to no end since I know exactly what those 9 tiles should hold, adding a palisade perimeter wall around the entire fort will 100% be possible in the future if that is a path we choose to go down but you’d be coughing up resources for 288 ish palisade tiles ( 864 logs, 48 man hour/days, ~115200 kcal). Sounds crazy but that’s feasible, 3 level 4 carpenters working for a season.

Designating your own constructions and having the NPCs build them for you is far on the back-burner for now, at least for me. After first PR lands its open season if anyone wants to add additional quests/missions to the camp system.


Fair enough. Sounds good so far.


Reminds me of an xkcd cartoon about how some projects are surprisingly easy to code and others which sound remarkably easy are incredibly difficult.

It’s pretty easy for a human to comprehend “incorporate any buildings into my fence line,” but it’s surprisingly hard to code.


First part is feature complete (unless there are additional requirements for merging). If you can, give it a run and tell me your thoughts. It isn’t meant to be something you can finish in a day so I’m expecting this to be in testing for a while. Other than the farm, the garage only needs to reach level 1 before you have access to the chop shop mission while the kitchen has places where you can cook but doesn’t have missions yet.

As of the moment, I don’t know of any major bugs. Biggest thing I know of is the companion you send to chop up vehicles drops all the components he recovered when he leaves instead of when he gets back (pretty minor).


Is the construction time affected by the timescale in the world options so I can test it thoroughly?


Hmmm, it doesn’t check for construction scaling at the moment (forgot about that feature). Multiplying food consumption is an easy fix, might completely break balance if you are using extreme values.

It checks for the debug trait hammerspace, which will eliminate wait times and supply consumption if you utilize that.


Ok, I’ll test it tonight :grin:


UI for the companion missions is done, the “Your Outpost Missions” also changes to give you a description of what is in that direction if you look at the gif below. Current/Finishing missions are also copied from all directions and dropped on the main tab and highlighted yellow so you don’t have to remember where you put people when you have 9 tabs and hundreds of possible missions which leads into…

Companion crafting is finished. In this example I build 8 kitchens around the base instead of farms or garages. Each kitchen can only support 1 cook at a time so there is incentive to build multiple if you need them.
N is level 1, NW is level 8. Each level adds 4 crafting recipes, I love all the recipes we have but keeping the list utilitarian is a priority here. Kitchen is dedicated to survival like foods that are also automatically learned at skill levels. Drinks will be pushed to brewery. Hard core survival recipes to a gatherer type expansion. Fluff recipes can be pushed to a pastry/sweet bakery. Max craft amount is 9999, which you’ll never reach nor should you try: food will starting rotting before its finished, you have to pay the calorie/time cost up front, and you’ve locked your NPC into a task for days/seasons. I hate how bloated the fire/cooking charge description is since it alone will knock the recipe requirements off the table… that entry needs to be converted into charcoal charges + “heat source quality: 1”. That and allow everything to be dark craft-able that has a fire source since you aren’t even the one who is making any of this.


Is it ready for testing?
I’m quite new at Github but I checked out the PR locally and it failed to compile ( VS windows )


I use code::blocks and usually double check my upload after pushing all the changes up. The version currently up is a few days behind but I’ll certainly be updating it again tonight or tomorrow night.


C2664 ‘const char *_(const char *)’: cannot convert argument 1 from ‘std::basic_string<char,std::char_traits,std::allocator>’ to ‘const char *’ Cataclysm C:\Cataclysm\Cataclysm-DDA\src\mission_companion.cpp 313

and same again on line 1869.
Have no idea about C++, so that error message makes no sense to me.


Interesting, I’m still using that exact line in my current build so it might be a compiler difference. That’s marked to be updated eventually to a format_string block for translators so it shouldn’t persist for much longer.


Just spitballing here, but perhaps the cooking options list could be improved by adding a choose-your-own-menu type of sub-menu, where you select the cooking recipes that you prefer – presumably you’re growing specific crops and will want those ingredients used to craft specific meals frequently.

I’m not sure if you’ve mentioned this before, but this raises the question of storage and logistics within the base. Where does all the food go after it is cooked? Where is it getting the ingredients from? Who puts it there?


Certainly, having a drop down menu or just including all of the recipes is possible but impossible to balance for. Using the player system you could have 30 npcs cooking wedding cakes around an open smoking rack in a snowstorm… The loose 4 recipe limit per building level allows me to roughly associate each skill level with a building level, giving incentive ( or at least set as a long term goal ) of reaching level 8 and start commercial scale production of veggy aspics. Might give the player a wild card slot every other level so a little specialization can occur but there should be balance between the kitchen and hunters camp/brewery/whatever else so that all the good stuff isn’t in one expansion.

Food storage is 100% up to the player until it is distributed among your followers. If you want 1354 cooked meats, you will give them 1354 uncooked meats and when you come back 4 days later you will get 1354 (rotten) cooked meats. You can insert your self anywhere you want in the supply chain and take or add resources. With an industrial size camp running, skimming 100lbs of salt here or 50 metal crossbow bolts there, isn’t even going to be noticed. To aid in logistics, menial labor sorts all items inside the immediate perimeter into a dozen points surrounding the player. So even if you have 20 steal frames from chopping a car, you never have to move them (but you can if you want).


Are we going to be able to order our NPCs to go collect resources for us at some point? Wood from forests, scrap and goodies from towns, stuff like that.


That was yesterday’s project (which got a bit delayed)

Trying to cut a thick forest far away is going to take a LONG time.

Major things that still need to be fixed/added:
-Work time is based on a 24hr work schedule instead of a 12 on 12 off thing like most everything else, so you can expect the rough time to double or yield to 1/2 whichever you choose.
-OM name needs to change from “forest_thick” -> “forest” -> “field” and for swamp forests, “forest_water” -> “???” I don’t know, “field_water” ? I only see “forest_water” tiles so I’m not sure if we have other kinds of swamps.


My apologies if I was unclear. I was suggesting that there be a separate tab where you could select what would appear in the cooking tabs. It sounds like you have a different work around figured out already, though I’m having a hard time understanding what it is.