[SPOILERS] Your Base


Is this still in development?


Crap, I literally forgot about this completely until I was looking at the projects tab in github under farming improvements and saw “Task designation to make things like field planting more player friendly.” I have no idea where the work I did on this is but it shouldn’t be too hard to recreate.

Also, not my fault, no one ever voted. :slight_smile:

#1 Big garage

#2 Big sleeping room

#3 Not the one with tents

#4 The one with tents

#5 Personal/paired sleeping rooms

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  • #2
  • #3
  • #4
  • #5

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EDIT: Added spaces so people know the number goes with the picture below it


I’m curious as to how this differs from the existing ranch system (not that there can’t be two)

Side note, might want to expand the walls out a bit on #4 if you decide to go with that one. All those 1-wide pathways are going to be hell to traverse with NPCs everywhere.


This is nice, though re-opening entries after the vote finishes and making one more set later on would also be nice


No worries, there will be plenty of opportunities for more buildings to add. As soon as this poll is closed we’ll open up for entries for 1x1 farms. Then probably a lumber yard.

Plan is finding an empty overmap field, designating an NPC as camp master, he’ll have two companion missions (gathering specific materials for the next building upgrade and a second to actually upgrade the building). With each building upgrade you’ll unlock another mission. My thoughts for the added missions: menial labor (low risk, low skill grinder, consolidates trash left around the over map), next probably gather firewood (heavy sticks), next level build farm (an OM building in a nearby tile) and work it, next probably lumber camp… Something like that.

The difference between this and the ranch commune is that you can build these camp’s where you want (eventually if not immediately, be able to build multiple camp’s specializing differently), materials gained are directly accessable to the player, and danger/requirements are higher for missions since your companions aren’t being buffered by commune task leaders. You’ll just need 2 NPCs a bunch of materials and a lot of luck or high level skills on your NPCs (or expendables).

If you didn’t notice, you can vote for multiple entries.


Looks like #4 has got the most support… kinda a pain in my butt to begin with but we’ll make this work. I’ll leave the poll open to see if there is a giant shift.

I made a couple of modifications to make it a bit easier to work with. As suggested by _Fuji, I pushed all but one wall to the edge of the 24x24 om tile to give more walking room. I also dropped a bunch of crates around the starting/leader tent. These crates are guaranteed to have been implemented before any NPC sorting occurs, so one will be food, one tools, one clothing, etc and are very close to both a fire pit and an eventual water source. While you could use the kitchen, it is kinda assumed you’d use the outside pit due to crafting distance.

It getting built:

The buildings are all pulled from jsons which gives me a lot more freedom than what I started with on the commune but I’m currently trying to figure out how to move your newly promoted overseer to a specific point on the map. The problem is that all of these buildings are based on the NPC’s coordinates, not the players, so what I need to do is move your NPC to a fixed point on the map that I can reference. I think I need to convert the om tile’s 0,0 position to a relative tripoint in the player’s field of view coordinates… from there I can just add the x and y offsets to drop the NPC on the position.


UI and basic structure support exists, the below represents the end goal for the first PR. Sitting around 50% of the way to completion, biggest thing left to be determined is how much remains hard coded vs json-ized. Leaving for a work trip soon for three weeks, will have an extremely variable work load till it is over. Certainly should be able to get a semi-polished PR by July 3rd, the original deadline (+3 years).


-just draw the “final” stage of the farm (24x24) using the debug editor and I’ll do the build up steps
-make it look interesting but focus on using easy to access building materials so people playing “in the woods” builds can also build camps
-will probably open polls around July 1st

Farms are a priority but what expansions to the camp building should be the next to include, remember that you can vote for multiple choices.

  • Barn and Coop
  • Kitchen/Bakery
  • Brewery
  • Garage
  • Lumber Mill
  • Smith
  • Mine
  • Barracks/Training Ground
  • School
  • Fishing Pier (Would have to build next to a river)
  • Hunters/Leather works
  • Weavers/loom
  • Additional housing

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Not sure if you wanted the farmhouse part or the growing plot part, so I did both


Nice, the farm house would have been a nice entry for a home base. Might be able to make some minor changes to make it fit one of the other entries. The second is certainly perfect for the next poll though!


Throwing a different plan out so we have a few options. As a heads up, for these expansions try to leave a roughly 3 tile buffer around your building with no terrain blocking features so that we’re guaranteed to have a way to get vehicles in and out of the camp (3 tiles would give you a 6 tile road between buildings to drive down). I’ll have to shrink my farm if it is the one we want to go with.

As soon as one of the builds above has a bit of a lead we’ll pick the next option and start taking entries. Looks like it will be a garage, kitchen, or smith more than likely. I’m working down the list based on popularity so you can probably make entries for all three if you want!



Final statistics for constructing the base camp to completion:
-36 days of labor for your carpenter to build everything between all of the missions (meaning he is going to be borrowing your hammer/shovel while he works if he needs it, you should make 2+ if you are running multiple carpenters)
-502 2x4s used
-1228 nails
-86 pipes
-460 logs
-351 sticks
-40 rocks
-172 rope/makeshift ropes
-traces of other construction materials

Don’t riot just yet, each of the 18 or so upgrades will open up new mission for your companions. The expansions will also help, a lumber mill will make wood procurement a breeze, and a smith will mean you never need to look for another nail.

In reality, all you need to build everything is 2 NPCs and a big tent (or 4 little tents to make a big one). After that you can send your companions to find all of the materials and eventually recruit other NPCs.

Demo PR will be up tonight, I still need to knock out item consumption from buildings and the sorting function for menial laborers.


PR is up, should have the major bugs out next weekend.


Progress has been better than expected, OM updating has been resolved for items but vehicles were too much of a pain to have them merge gracefully due to collisions. If you try to upgrade a tile with a vehicle in it the game will just tell you to move the vehicle, without penalty. You just can’t have it in the 24x24 time you are upgrading so it really isn’t a huge deal. I’m going to go ahead and starting building the infrastructure for the farm expansion.

You have embark… I mean camp setup warnings depending on your location. It also requires you to keep 3/4 OM terrain spaces between camps. Each camp will be limited to 8 (the immediate adjacent OM tiles) expansions and we’ll see where it goes from there. Desire is to encourage building multiple/specialized camps in the long run near different resources.

kcals are being setup as your faction currency. Currently you can just make deposits through your camp managers but once the farm is done you’ll be paying out the nose to have all these companions working for you.

I think having a chop-shop would be pretty sweet… drive any vehicle you can in and your NPCs will break it down to components.


Auto-repairing vehicles you bring in would be neat.


@acidia could you turn static and random NPCs on by default as part of the base update?


@_Fuji not sure it’s a good idea to place the well next to the shithouse (the double outhouse at upper-left. The home is great).


Disassembling vehicles into their component parts would be nice.

Constructing a small range of common vehicles (* = folding variant too) – bicycle*, scooter*, motorcycle*, tool/shopping cart*, farming vehicles (seed drill, reaper, etc),


Awww… we didn’t get any more entries for farms. Pictures always make me feel better though.

We’re up to the point you can designate one of the 8 tiles surrounding your camp as an expansion and build it up.
(W) Is _Fuji’s farm
(S) Is a proposed kitchen
(E) is a proposed garage

The mission menu is becoming crowded quickly, PR part 2 is going to have to include tabs. Should work out fairly well, tab 1 is your base and each tab after is one of your expansions in clockwise order. You can see the direction corresponds to the mission source. It makes each farm have a separate set of plow, plant, harvest missions but being able to do each of those actions to ~190 plots should allow for huge scale farming. Locusts are going to be AWESOME when you have a camp surrounded by 7 farms and a mill/granary or something.

I couldn’t remember who any of these people were so I split stats and skills into [combat:survival:industry]. It is just a comparison so someone always will be 100 and everyone else is a percent of their greatness. Sorts by combat since that will get your companions killed if they go on a risky mission. I thought this must be mistaken but Flo McCall really does suck that bad (7/6/6/7, only skill is bartering 3) vs Karma Hoga (12/8/7/10, one 5, three 4, and two 3 in combat skills alone).

If your mission has a required or default skill it will rank by skill instead. Eventually, listing highest skill in a category might be useful (for “Combat” list the highest of melee, firearms, archery).

All farming quests are fully functional, just finishing the chop shop quest today, then do bug checking, and move the PR to [testing] some times this weekend. Submit any building designs you want, when we get enough I’ll put a poll up.


Not very good with farms but if there’s anything else you would like to see :grin: