Spitball Ideas For Cbms

Lactic Acid Pump/Muscle Oxygenator: Makes attacks/sprinting use up less stamina

Guidance System: Takes ~50 PU to activate and ~2 per turn, greatly increases your chances when shooting

Vehicular Auto Pilot: 1 PU Every 5 turns Increases your driving ability by a good amount (maybe like 3-4 skill worth?)

Intergral Brass Reloader: PU 3 per bullet, I’m not sure if this would be possible at all but something that would automatically catch your brass and then reload it, would be nice to see

Bionic Holster: A faster holster that you can store pistols in, would be inside your hip or something so it wouldn’t have coverage or encumbrance, could probably have a scabbard for knives that does the same thing.

thats about it : P


All pretty rough ideas as I haven’t looked at all the CBMs in the game, but here’s what I brainstormed.

A CQC Synapse Booster CBM to increase Dodge, Block, and Melee upon activation could be a good high-end option for ‘melee’ CBMs without needing it to be a direct weapon within the body.

Something like a Sub-Aural Noise Field Generator to induce Nausea and/or lower Melee and/or Dodge in nearby beings that use hearing, perhaps?

Retractable Tentacle Array CBM (to fit in the Torso) could do double duty as Combat and Utility, acting as spare hands for the purposes of crafting/repairing/etc (in case your hands are full) as well as acting as an additional ‘weapon’ like the mutated Tails, Claws, Teeth, etc.

maybe a Phalangeal Pillar CBM installed in the hands to turn Bash damage from Unarmed to become fully Piercing damage, turning your hands into spikes with your fingers melded together (can’t hold things while active?)

Kinetic Absorption Precepts CBM which can turn damage taken during combat (aka: non environmental/hazard damage) into small amounts of power?

Mental Plasticity Enabler CBM that slows/stops Focus loss or even slowly gains you focus while active?

Dragon’s Breath CBM that lets you breathe fire through a sister CBM which provides an internal fluid tank, a-la flamethrower, but has a low-moderate chance to misfire (causing you to become Nauseous as you vomit up napalm/gelled gasoline/what have you) and has a lengthy reload time (as well as making your Mouth hot)?

Neuro-Electric Overflow CBM drawing additional power from the body (represented as damage ticks and/or heightened Stamina drain) creating an Incandescent Husk-like lightning bubble around the user?

Pineal Resonation CBM that greatly boosts morale and lowers Fatigue loss, but drains high power, makes you constantly visible to Nether creatures, and has a low chance of Teleglow or other negative effects while active? (I’ll admit, this one is more a ‘From Beyond’ reference than anything)

Gastric Intake CBM which allows you to implant a battery that can be charged by consuming Concentrated Acid, but which cannot be charged by other means and can malfunction to require uninstallation and mending?

A full-on Skeletal Re-integration CBM which replaces or coats the bones with metal lacing/plating, providing more health (or giving a chance for ‘break’ damage to not break a limb, like the metal is resisting being broken) but requiring full uninstallation and repair if any bones are successfully broken?

Or maybe something mundane, like a built-in kitchen system or very mini minifridge? I’d love an extra place to store some cold, fresh juice or meat.


Retractable Tentacle Array CBM (to fit in the Torso) could do double duty as Combat and Utility, acting as spare hands for the purposes of crafting/repairing/etc (in case your hands are full) as well as acting as an additional ‘weapon’ like the mutated Tails, Claws, Teeth, etc.

Cyberdongs! Celebrates in binary

“Mr Studd / Midnight mistress: Every night, all night”

I remember laughing a little too hard when I found that one in the 2020 manuals a few years back… Found ways to make it not useless. Good times.

A Climbing Gear CBM: Sets of retractable claws and spikes implanted in the hands and feet of the user, allows the user to climb wooden or rough stone structures. Could also be used to add cutting/piercing damage to unarmed attacks.

Gloves or footwear would prevent use.


Alright i’ve thought up some more cbms

  • Magic Catalyst CBM - (Aside from obviously requiring Magiclysm) A Small machine has been placed inside of your Skull, allowing you to Transmute
    Mana to Energy and vice versa.
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Onboard Explosives Catapult - Lets you throw any explosives with near-perfect precision. I suppose there could be a rarer version for throwing things like RPGs or mininukes.

(imagine being a mini-Metal Gear… ohhh yes!)

it can’t be Metal Gear

A toxin filter. Uses car filters or sponge perhaps and allows you to eat ~50,000 kcal of mutant meat. Really only need to replace the filter. Has difficulty catching more foreign materials (alien toxins and industrial chemicals) and doesn’t affect microorganisms or parasites.

I don’t think you could make an artificial liver out of a car filter or sponge.

Certainly not, but I would prefer to have a consumable portion to it rather than a flat bonus. We already have so many CBMs that are pretty much S teir like the stat bonuses or A-B teir with solid benefits as long as their charged and only need to be turned on situationally.

Also I imagined it more as a filter than altering the chemicals themselves. If we have another material that isn’t too rare or scifi that would work great.

Perhaps something in the netherum-CBM camp? A rejiggered migo liver perhaps?

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I think we could use a Radio CBM, something that allows player to listen to normal radio waves and communicate with others that also have it installed.

I kind of like this idea. A radio CBM could be an alternative to speaking to followers with a 2 way radio.

Maybe there could be a Fatigue removal based CBM?

Like you don’t feel the effects of fatigue or you no longer have fatigue? Because I’m for the former, where you have no negative effects whatsoever and act as if you were at full stam up until you’re ripping muscle tissue and in pain, as opposed to kind of breaking that aspect of the game.

The Former.
(20 Char. Min.)