So what's up with the no fungal mod not actually having the effect of no fungal enemies anymore?

self explanatory, read title.

i wonder if it might be something related to PK’s rebalancing mod as i think that one adds a lot of variants from most other enemy types to the mundanes (at least i think so), very unsure though, but that’s the only lead i can think of.

I don’t use PK’s, but in my recent lab run I did come across some fungus area inside the lab as well as some dead fungal zombies, despite using the no fungal monsters.

So . . . might be an issue with the core of things. Or, lab mapgen might be exempt or something. That’s the only place I saw it.

whatever it is i really hope we can somehow identify and fix it quickly, i play with no fungal because they lag the game so much it’s like the catpocalypse all over again, that’s even giving them the pass on

  1. worthless enemy to fight or exterminate with little to no useful return from doing so (sorry but thread and sinew are too plentiful, easily)
  2. spread exponentially meaning if ANY exist at all it’s 100% certain they’ll get out of control

honestly, i think they’re a pretty bad enemy these days, it’s something i always avoid any and all interaction with and i don’t see that changing anytime either.

i really wouldn’t mind if they just became no longer a thing, i mean hell, does anyone even eat the fruit anymore? i doubt it personally unless it’s a challenge run.

I have some suspicions of my own.

I should add that my no fungal mod is working very nicely with exception of:

  1. Portals. They can generate fungal terrain and fungal terrain is capable of expanding on its own in this build. Fungal terrain can also convert existing zombies I think.

  2. Mod related monster group spawn.
    If mod tells the game to spawn fungal monsters, the game will obey.

  3. Mod related mapgens.(with fungal terrain)

yeah #1 is why this is actually a problem instead of a slight annoyance, all it takes is one contaminated tile to basically have lost that world forever to it.


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mininukes work better, but realistically, they shouldn’t be fucking spawning.

sorry, but this is way too serious an issue for joking.

yeah umm… a lighter , nice skies and some weapon the beat the crap out of them is all you need to extermintate the fungus. like seriously it’s so easy. ohh and dont forget a gas mask

In fairness I’ve had to deal with fungus in my city for close to 3 in game years now in my current playthrough.
On one hand, burning them back only really stems the tide for a while, one the other I guess if I REALLY wanted them gone I could make sure every single spot of it was removed but that’s way too much effort. I tend to just treat them like weeds.
I did nuke a Fungal spire though, cos screw those things :stuck_out_tongue:

so much wasted effort, just mininuke, timer for 200 minimum and run.

also can we please keep this on fucking topic? 6 out of 10 replies including the OP here do not contribute to solving this problem AT ALL.

Feedback was given, confirming your issue. That’s usually the best you’ll get from the forum. Bugs/issues are better reported on the github if you’re looking for a proper solution.

fair enough.

fuck you kevin and your twenty characters too. :wink:

This is likely one of the problems as the no-fungal mod only blacklists vanilla fungi from spawning without touching PK’s fungi. You would have to manually blacklist all of PK’s fungal monsters to solve this.

The other problem is as others have already noticed, the mod doesn’t blacklist fungal tiles (as that is beyond the capabilities of the mod). It does Blacklist the Fungal Trinity , but other sources of fungus tiles such as labs and portals are unnafected.


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first mistake, you’re assuming i chose this name, incorrect.
people kept saying “you are too damn much” so i went with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

if nothing else we really need some sort of way to fix it good enough to tolerate, i thought i wanted to play the game just now, but the first thing i saw coming out of the evac shelter was a triffid grove, so i guess i’m giving on playing right now as the game decrees it’s not allowed to have fun at the moment.
i literally never play without the no fungal mod, it’s just a shit enemy type with no reasons to fight them.

is there some easy way to simply remove the mycus, marloss and triffid and all their variants and etc from my own personal copy of the game by editing the files at least?

also creating a github account and reporting this properly right now.

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Direct any profanity at anyone on this forum again, and you’re gone, got it?

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