Are fungal mycelia left behind after killing the fungaloids safe?

I have bad memories of fungaloids infestations from the past, where new fungaloids were spawned faster than they could be killed off and the mycelia spread even faster.

However, recent experience seems to indicate that mycelia don’t spread on their own, but require a fungaloid to do the spreading, and that it doesn’t seem like mycelia generate fungaloids on their own. Note that I’m discussing the initial patches of mycelium fungaloids spread around themselves, not mats reaching the tower in the of an infestation, which may behave differently.

Is it true? Can I kill off the fungaloids and leave the mycelia untouched without the mycelia spreading or generating fungaloids down the line?

The reason for the question is that my Tacoma farm has fungaloids on all sides of it, but in sufficiently low numbers that it should be possible to kill them off within reality bubble distance of the farm and the road leading to it, so I want to know if I actually have a chance, or the farm is doomed regardless.

Note that this mod is now called the slowdown fungal growth mod, but I believe it is otherwise the same as it always was, and it is currently still enabled by default.

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Thanks. I forgot to mention that the mod is indeed active in my game. I intended to do so, but the memory is short…