Fungaloid lag

I found marloss berries which mutated me with “marloss carrier”, now whenever I eat marloss berries I spawn friendly fungal spores and fungalize the nearby terrain, while also giving me big nutrition and morale boost. It all seemed perfect at first, unlimited food and all, but now there are spores/fungaloids on almost every tile in my city giving me ungodly lag and delay between turns, effectively making the game unplayable. Is there some way to fix the lag? If not, is there any way to get rid of this mutation so I can somehow grab my gear, burn down this fungalized city and find another one and not suffer the negative morale penalties of marloss addiction?

If you don’t mind cheating, use debug mode kill all command.

Would that be the “remove all monsters” option? Will that kill all monsters in the world or only those nearby?

Only those within ~60 tile radius (all currently loaded monsters)

That fixed it. Thanks for helping me!

Should killing fungaloids be creating multiple new fungaloids in their place? Because it seems a little weird.

edit: Oh, hey, guess it was a bug in that version. I got a newer experimental now, and it’s generating spore clouds instead of additional fungaloids. That makes more sense.

Except now you’ve got hundreds of corpses laying around everywhere. Which is kinda…lame.

Butcher them for their delicious fluid sacs!

Butcher them for their delicious fluid sacs![/quote]
And in the new version that lets you make free gasoline!