No Fungal Growth

How is that no fungal growth meant to actually work? It doesn’t stop them from spreading so does it slow it down? Or perhaps if means they won’t spread past a certain distance from a fungal tower or spire? Does anyone know what the mod is meant to do?

The mod stops (or at least should) the spreading of “fungal bed” floor. It removes the capability from fungal spores to “settle”, so it will no longer exponentially grow.

It will not completely stop fungals from spreading (or wandering off), but should reduce their “taking over the world” powers.

So if the fungal bed spreads then it’s not working? Is it working properly for you? Assuming that you use it.

Can it be updated? I don’t think it’s ever worked for me like that and I’m on experimental and I’ve updated several times. I haven’t done so for about five days so I could try again.

It worked for me when I gave it a try a while ago, yes.
But I have no idea on what version you are playing, what mods you have loaded that might overwrite the “no fungal growth” mod, or how it’s “not working” for you, as certain monsters, although stationary, might still be able to spread it around them in a limited radius (but not the spores, as the mod targets them).

So, I do need more information to be able to look deeper into this and see if/what is broken.

I think what it means is that existing grown fungal monsters can still spread the fungus, but the “spore” creatures will not fly off and disintegrate into new beds.

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