So, swamp critters

So, I was clearing a particularly badly-parked semi truck off a bridge today in order to cross a river when I nudged the outer railing. At this point every giant bug, slug and frog in the world showed up to complain.

I was able to drive the truck out of there, but I had to abandon my own rather nice customised solar bike in the process.

Are those critters ever going to settle down and go back to wherever they were before I woke them up, or will I have to fight through them if I want to get my bike back?

Swamps are bad juju. However, I would assume that when you go back, there won’t be a horde there. I would suggest going sometime at night if you remember the place and try to quickly get it and book it. If that gets you killed then my sincere apologies.

Best preemptive apology ever.

Don’t touch the torn-off leg over there; it’s mine.

Hmm, on due consideration I find myself struck with the urge to build a new solar bike and forget that the other one existed.

I may make my way southwards again if I’m feeling the need for a particular challenge - or for the half-dozen packed LAWs I left in the old bike’s saddlebags.

I thought you said you had a semi truck? Just drive it back and forth across the bridge for a bit. Might have to wash your windscreen afterwards though.

It’s certainly a possibility, but when I was driving away, they weren’t just spawning right next to the river - they kept appearing up to about 5-6 map tiles away. That’s a lot of critters to run over.

Also, I’m not absolutely sure what causes creatures to spawn at a riverbank. If it was only when I broke the barrier that’s fine, but if it turns out that simply running a big, noisy gas-powered vehicle in the area is what set them off, then bringing the truck back becomes less of a good idea - I might spawn more of them to replace the ones I mow down.

Are you playing with Dynamic or Static spawn? I’m pretty sure Dynamic causes them to spawn around noise.

Dynamic and static only affect zombie spawns.

But yeah, the sound is what set them off. I think if you go away, they’ll unload. Else, you can sneak in at night, or just ride your semi until you’ve depleted the spawn pool.

sneaking around at night sounds like the best solution, but damn, that just sounds scary. stumbling into a horde at daytime is frighting, but at night it sounds nightmarish. its a good thing characters cant feel fear, isnt it?

I suggest sneaking in at night, installing an electric engine on the truck, then getting away with the loots. :slight_smile:

You got a semi truck. I fail to see why you would ever want to go back to the bike.

Solar powered, and he had stuff in it.

What Mrnocamera said, pretty much. I’d just raided a military bunker, and had a nice selection of firearms and explosives in the bike’s storage.

I’ve gone ahead and built a new bike in any case. Whilst the semi truck is nice if you want/need to mow lots of stuff down, I’m not keen on it for everyday use - the visibility is terrible, and it’s too wide for urban use.

I guess I may re-work it at some point into a more practical vehicle, but for now I like my Light Cycle.

Thanks to everyone who replied.

Just imagine your characters sceaming out of fear when they see a horde of zombies, or even worse, a hulk. Would make an intresting but also difficult trait to chose.

Just imagine your characters sceaming out of fear when they see a horde of zombies, or even worse, a hulk. Would make an intresting but also difficult trait to chose.[/quote]

Your legs lock up! x3
You begin crying!

The zombie hulk hits your head x2

you die!

Had similar experience as OP. I have a feeling that source of your problem was muffler. It’s not installed on many of the semi trucks. Try visiting the same place after installing muffler. In my case I’ve spent about 20 minutes looting the area and no critters spawned, where previously was a horde of “swampers”.

im ok with noise spawning mobs in certain locations/conditions. makes the game harder. you get to a certian point where you can mow stuff down.

Turrets. Lots of turrets. After a while they stop coming. (Because unlike Aliens, these turrets don’t run out of ammo.)