Monster overspawns while in a vehicle?

I’ve noticed that when I’m on foot, the spawn levels of things like swamp monsters, fungaloids and triffids seems more or less sane, but this goes completely out the window when I’m in a vehicle. When I’m driving past a swamp/fungal bloom/triffid grove I end up with hundreds of monsters on my screen at once. The triffid queens are especially annoying, because the dozens of them that pop up utterly destroy the landscape and cause mass spam from all the other triffids around them being pierced by tree roots. This chugs and occasionally crashes the game.

I’ve tried sneaking up on the fungal blooms/triffid groves on foot and destroying them, but this seems to have a minimal impact on the overspawn of fungaloids/triffids nearby, assuming it has any impact at all.

Is the overspawn caused by the noise of the vehicle? Is there any way to tone it down a bit?


Depending on the vehicle you’re using, you should add a muffler, or if possible switch to electric motors, which are quieter but harder to power (Unless you’re far luckier than I am).

Are you playing dynamic or static spawn? If dynamic, the noise directly spawn creatures.

I’m using a V8 engine at the moment, so it’s quite loud, even though it is muffled.

I’m also playing on static spawn. However as far as I can tell, this only affects zombies. Animals, swamp monsters, triffids etc are definitely still being spawned dynamically, so I suspect their spawn rate is also affected by noise - I’m not sure why else their spawn rates would skyrocket whenever I’m in a vehicle.

Yeah, I’ve heard that static spawn mainly/only affects zombie spawn rates.

Just did a quick test based on Weyrling’s suggestion - drove past the same triffid grove twice on the same motorbike at the same speed, once with a V8 engine, once with an electric motor. Difference in spawn level was astronomical, so it’s definitely the noise level causing game-breaking numbers of monsters to be generated.

Pity, it is fun burning up the highway with a powerful engine, but given a choice between going a little slower and the game crashing, I suppose I’m content to drive an electric car.

Noise still spawn monsters in the wilderness, static spawn just means it dosn’t do the same for zombies anymore.

A small car engine shouldn’t spawn much more than on foot (as the case with dynamic spawn zombies) but with static spawn many players (including myself) are preferring heavier, more armored vheicles with the biggest engines they can find. And we are seeing bigger spawn numbers in the wilderness.

It really shouldn’t be a problem though, if yer in something that needs that big of an engine there isn’t really anything out there that can harm you. You could drive a properly reinforced flatbed truck through a fungal spire and neither you or the truck will suffer anything more than a couple battery charges in damage.

No, you can’t.

I mostly use motorbikes. Ramming a motorbike into a triffid queen or vinebeast at high speed kills you instantly half the time.

On these subject lines, what could I do to purposefully overspawn animals, say if I wanted to farm something like corpses for butchering.

break all the windows on 2-3 houses, go to sleep and you’ ll find a ton of dead animals around them , or sleep in a farm house and collect the carcases on the wired fences