Massive zombie spawn?

So, I’m a fan of this game and decided to start a game as a mechanic. Went to a garage, found a motorbike, and then everything went nuts. Loads of zombies, everywhere, necromancers, brutes, shockers…

Its this normal? Seriusly, can’t raid any house with 500 zombies behind me

Vehicles are noisy, and thus draw in a lot of zombies.
Spawning is being reworked soon, so the issue will be a bit different.

Im constantly moving from city to city, so this is a bit strange for me. By the way, they all spawned in 1 turn

Current status: Bike ran out of fuel, stole golf cart. Those monsters still behind

A similar thing happens whenever I read a book, go to sleep, de/construct something, or craft an item. And around these points the special zombie types start to outnumber the standard zombies, even HULKS! It’s not been uncommon for me to go to sleep and wake up to find five hulks charging around outside, and it makes it effectively impossible to even get past day 1, the way spawning works right now.

hide in a cabin or something.
farms are nice due to the food.

I lost the dude. When using the flamethrower installed in my golf cart, I crashed into a house and BAM. Fire, everywhere. The last thing I saw before dying was a Cougar walking directly into the flames. Fucking Cougars, they haunt me.

With my new characted I had the same problem, spawned in a 5-house-1-garage-1-gunshop town. Everything perfect until I smashed the first door around 11:00 (Fighting wolves with my buddy, and facepalming everytime he shot a fucking squirrel or bunny) Then another massive spawn of zombies (20 or 30) killed my buddy and now Im hiding in the forest, afraid of giant bees and without tools or food

loot the town and run next time. but for now i advise wandering arround a road looking for a farm or similar things and watching out for bees on the map. also FEMA camps. keep away from them.

Last time I walked into a FEMA, I had a spike plated bettle and a nail gun with 300 nails
… I wish I had a nail gun in my game…

I avoid FEMA’s and outposts by default. The last time I tried I got mobbed by solders and wolves.

I was nommed by 7 bears and 2 cougars. Now I burn their corpses.

Why not butcher?