Suggestions For Fixing Swamps

Can we please finally do something about swamps? I grabbed a car and drove through a swamp and it was like it was raining giant mosquitoes. It’s simply ridiculous.
Formerly known as “Can we please…”

How, about I be constructive instead of grumpy.
Can we get some good suggestions for changes to be made to swamps that will keep some of the coolness and danger, but not to the levels they are now.

My suggestion would be to make a spawning pool that is placed one in twenty swamp tiles. In normal swamp tiles you get the same creatures that spawn now, but at a much reduced level. Near the spawning pool you’d get the ridiculous amounts of enemies spawning. How about some rewards for braving the spawning pool? Maybe some skeletons in the pool with some random equipment that is waterproof? Maybe a military truck crashed into the pool that had nuclear waste in it. Two dead military soldiers in the cab. I think it has possibilities.

That’s an awfully vague title for a thread. Other than that, I have no input!

It’s the noise. It easily causes a ridiculous level of overspawn in any dynamic spawn situation. Same thing happens with triffids and fungaloids. I’ve never liked the spawn-on-noise system personally, and it’s at its most absurd when you’re in a vehicle.

At the least, it’d be nice to have something in swamps or on the swamp mobs to make it worthwhile to go there. As it is, swamps (and fungal towers, for that matter) are pretty much just areas I avoid all together. I’m not completely against areas that are best avoided, but especially with dynamic spawning, swamps are hell.

Fungal blooms = marloss berries = happyface.funtimes

Fungal blooms, at least in the near future, will count as an “overlap zone”, so there will be good reason to visit them, as whole towns may be located inside them. They’ll also work a bit differently.

Mosquito swarms in swamps are awesome, and I hope it never changes. Nothing like pulling donuts in a truck and racking up a mosquito kill count in the thousands.

I disagree when the town you spawn in is right next to a large swamp. I could understand if you had a spawning pool located in a swamp tile that had lots of mosquitoes around. Otherwise it’s ridiculous.

PS: How is ridiculously unbalanced creature spawn cool? Swamps are far too common for this kinda of, oh I’ll keep it around because it amuses me crap. Go drive your truck through the fungals. :stuck_out_tongue:

Butchering swamp creatures seem good candidates for strange and exotic ingredients for various survival/cooking based recipes, such as acids from slugs, hallucinogens from toads, poisons from dermateks, etc.

What’s annoying is when swamp creatures spawn in a town that is far away from swamps at the starting town. :confused:

Leather from toads; tainted meat from the centipedes (IIRC) & dermatiks. Don’t recall what comes from a mosquito. Slugs tend to self-destruct in their acid (bug?) so haven’t butchered one.

Changed the original post now that I’ve had some sleep. Not much mind you, but some.

Rare and valuable ingredients to high level crafting/cooking.

Frogs could be butchered for Giant frog legs. when cooked: 10 uses each, moderate morale gain and they fill you up quite a bit.

Mosquito’s could be harvested for a chemical that could be used to turn zombies against each other or something. (large amounts needed of course)

but yeah, something needs to be added to make swamps ‘desirable’

This sounds like a great idea to me, I’m always in favor of more variety and more dangers.

I’d suggest having pools or pits of acid scattered around the spawning pool to make it more difficult to simply drive into and do donuts to massacre the swarm.

Maybe you could harvest giant mosquito saliva?
In real life mosquito saliva has anti-coagulative properties, so I don’t see why the giant ones would be very different.

The first use for this that came to my mind was being able to ‘poison’ weapons (knife, arrow, bullet even?) so that when they inflict cutting or piercing damage they induce a ‘bleeding’ effect on your enemy, causing them to lose x health every y turns.
I’m sure there are also medicinal uses for this too.

If this was implemented I’d like to see giant mosquitoes being able to give you the bleeding effect too. And leeches. Cataclysm needs giant leeches for more nightmare fuel.

I think swamps might need a little nerf, but I highly like the idea of them still remaining some of the most dangerous places in-game. After all in the lore the infection is originally carried out through the water supply, which would have large effects in swamps.

I do like the idea of giving a player a reason to go there though, and the spawning pool idea also sounds like another great one, though I personally see it as more of something that could highly reduce spawning levels rather then something that stops them completely, potentially with increased spawning levels while it’s present (something like “spawning pool” [about equal to now’s levels] > normal spawning level > “destroyed pool”).

Can I just find a missile silo and drop a nuke on them? WOn’t that fix them? Would they turn into O or just stay swamps with rubble. :stuck_out_tongue:

Leather from toads; tainted meat from the centipedes (IIRC) & dermatiks. Don’t recall what comes from a mosquito. Slugs tend to self-destruct in their acid (bug?) so haven’t butchered one.[/quote]

Dont mosquitoes inject you with something that stops you from bleeding straight away? (I may be wrong) And you could maybe use that to treat wounds (cuts etcetc)

Swamps are fine, I need at least one area I can’t troll through for fear.
The Spawning pool sounds like a good idea though-- and it should help on dynamic if you tie mob spawns to that.

Also no giant leeches please. Half of my current terror is occupied by giant mozzies. I don’t think I could handle leeches too =P
So yeah, stick 'em in.

They should be less active during the day, and grow in intensity and shrink during dusk and dawn (if more static numbers, then their desire to roam around). Also, the giant frogs should occasionally eat the mosquitoes.

If swamps become more static spawn like, it could be interesting to have exotic plants in the swamps and the giant eggs of the creatures that grow the population and also be available for harvesting and slaughter (I love the smell of napalm in the morning) to clear out a swamp.

You’ve got it backwards, my friend.

A coagulant encourages blood to clot, slowing bleeding and allowing a scab to form.

An anti-coagulant prevents clotting, making the bleed run faster and preventing it from healing.

Mosquito saliva contains anti-coagulants that they spit all over of the wound.