Smoldering zombies,

Basically just a normal zombie except they explode on death like alot of the robotic enemys “cough cough” turrets,

also, what actually causes the turrets to explode, i really don’t think they would require too many components that do that kind of thing

This is a terrible idea. It’s not fun playing with exploding zombies.

You know back when I added them, I would have loved to have bloated zombie gas light in fire if you killed them with incendiary ammo or molotovs.

But because I am a noob I couldn’t really get to add it.

Never too late, a small fireball sounds reasonable.

Having a smouldering zombie show up a few hours after infection, much less a few years, seems a touch improbable. Perhaps if, very rarely, and usually in times of stress, the spoilers cross the wrong wires in a normal zed and it becomes chemically unstable, generating excessive quantities of corrosive, flammable, or explosive substances.