Fire type Zombies

Should there be a couple of fire-type zombies like there are acid ones? I’ve gotten a set of turnout gear in a recent run, and noticed the fire resist value on the set which then occurred to me…when is fire resist useful? While avoiding explosions & grenades, there’s what next to none enemies that bring fire to the equation.

So what if a couple were added in, like:
-scorching zed - normal zombie thats on fire, which turns to burned after some time or rain puts it out, but can cause fires by wandering into stuff or grabbing you.
-Napalmed Bloated Zed - instead of posionous gas, when these guys blow up they cause a fiery small explosion
-Crimson Spitter- Spits balls of fire

Obviously these would have to be uncommon/rare, maybe only select locations or you’ll end up with fires everywhere

Putting more fire dangers out there, and perhaps making us have to choose between acid gear or fire gear would be neat. (can make them optional like fungal enemies) Any thoughts? Any mods I missed that already does this?

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I thought there were a few fire zombies, but as I looked through the files it seems that was probably from some mod.

I think the issue is that there are no creatures in the real world that harness fire. Acid, sure, even humans use acid. Fire, though, damages every life form that I’m aware of.

I would guess that’s some measure of why there’s no fire zombies. I’m not against it as a concept, I’m just saying it’s a less plausible direction to go. The idea of suicide bomber zombies is particularly appealing to me.

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You got a point there, though we also don’t have flying eyes that shoot lasers

I would guess the style of such a roll would not be limited to just the blob, though there are the nercomacner zombies… Perhaps some sort of contact with one of the many other invaders causing the zombie to be inflamed, yet undamaged by it

Yeah, suicide bomber zombies, yikes

I do tend to forget we have nether creatures, which is an obvious hit against the realism argument x_x

Hmm perhaps they could be like shocker zombies, where they were flamethrower cbm enhanced soldiers who were damage control. So instead of annoying chain lightning attacks, you got red shocker variants that spew out of fire.

We got grenadier zeds, maybe have some demolition zeds. Demo soldiers who were the ones laying down all those stupid land mines, only these ones died while still holding onto live land mines. Better think twice then to randomly run over a horde of zombies.


I believe grenadiers are on the short list for getting the axe, along with scientists.

They’re being replaced with robots, eventually, I believe, and there was at least discussion over bio-operators as well. I don’t know if they want zombies using cbms. I like where your head’s at though, looking for the workaround.

I don’t see any reason there can’t be fire enemies, I just don’t think they’d want it to be a ‘zombie’. Could you make a robot that uses a flamethrower? 100%, I bet that would be met with a bunch of thumbs up. Could you make small skitter bots that track the player and then blow up when they get close? Sure.

It’s the zambie part that raises the red flags for me. All just my opinion, of course.

Scorching Zombie
So, a random corpse on-fire… Seems illogical to the blob-related lores, but looks great to see one burning a whole city :smiley:

I have to admit, I’m kind of glad, using installed CBMs is one thing but these particular zombies have always broken immersion for me.

That kind of breaks my heart, i like scientists and bio operators. Always feels like xmas when i see them, like cbm packages waiting to be opened. If those get axed then wouldn’t shock zombies have to go for the same reason? Are they nerfing our ability to dissect for cbms or is it a lore reason?

I’m ok with that as long as its more than just robots they switch to like more variants of cyborgs that have various effects depending on broken cbm they are stuck with.

OH, hey, that brings up a related question. There are acid ants, where’s our fire ants at? That would totally add some fire-related things to the game.

I actually can’t find what I’m thinking of. Maybe I’m completely wrong, and they weren’t going to be shifted to robots. I know for a fact we’ve discussed intelligence levels connected to the ability to use CBMs as it relates to the blob. And I remember Kevin weighed in. . . now I don’t know if I’m misremembering.

So . . . maybe pretend I didn’t say anything at all x_x

You had me worry there for a second, but I agree about zeds shouldn’t be intelligent enough to use cbms, but I think malfunctioning cbms, that cause effects i.e. shockers/flamers, would be more fitting.

We don’t want ‘Land of the dead’ type zombies who can wield guns, do we?

I admit to a certain bias since my first knock down, drag out, no holds barred almost even fight was with a zombie bio operator. They always feel like a challenge and are actually worth the effort to kill in most instances.

I thought someone was already working on/adding napalm zombies and the like. Or was that just a random idea thread?

Not the exact thing you described, but existing flamethrower zombies have a 10% chance to explode in a fireball upon death.

Ah, I know we’ve gotten pretty far off topic, but it seems to be here

TLDR: Kevin said to avoid more ‘smart’ zombies and pointed out plans to ‘remove or reskin zombie scientists and grenadiers’

The following comment referenced a ‘robot hack launcher’.

I guess my brain smashed all that together. Don’t judge me.

Ah, well now i can’t call you completely crazy…

Oooooh Fire-Punch zombie looks rad AF.

Even just a simple relatively early game zombie that caught fire on death would be interesting. No explosion, just spontaneous combustion on death.

On the street this would just be amusing, and potentially even useful. In houses and buildings it could be quite dangerous as it could start a serious fire unless you lured them outside first. Would make fire extinguishers and fire gear potentially more useful.

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These look smexy. I’m almost done with fire monster add on pack for the game. I’ve used these pictures of yours as inspiration!

I’d be expecting that pack, GL :smiley: