Pyromania and other maniac's stuff

1.Containers with gasoline to explode if they fall into the fire (particularly if they are made of plastic). The more gasoline in the container, the greater must be explosion.

2.Not bad, it would have the possibility to ignite the objects in the hand. (Clothing, paper, wood, etc).
Thus it will be possible to throw himself with gasoline and set fire to, or opposite:
-pour a lot of fuel on the ground;
put there-gas canisters;
-lure the zombies to this place;
-remove the sock;
-take it in the right hand;
-set fire to it;
-say “Hasta la vista, baby”
-throw in a puddle of gasoline;
Also needed, the ability to burn clothes on the player and the ability to throw a burning clothes. (Maybe it works, I just do not get carried away yet self igniting)

  1. Everyone knows that in one box from a pizza can burn a crowd of zombies? Also, the clothes are well lit and in the small fire zombies die too quickly. I think it is not right for the death of zombies need for better fire and zombies should burn longer before dying.

4.Possibility after game over to see what is happening after the player’s death. (For kamikaze 8D)
Can be activated mininuke and REVENGE ON ALL THEM!

Yeah fire definitely needs a bit of a rewrite (I know that I and probably at least one dev are working on potential ones right now) to be a little more realistic.