Smoking is really bad for you

Don’t forget what every dumb private on night watch learns: cigarettes give away your position at night.

I tried sneaking by a couple bandits in the subway tunnel, but didn’t notice the cigarette was lighting me up like a spot light. Then, to make things more painful after I got shot a couple times, I dropped the cigarette and started running, hoping to lose them in the dark.
It would have worked too…except autopickup safemode only works when you can see the enemy. I ran one square, said to myself 'hey look, a cigarette." And PICKED it back up!

Panicking, I tried throwing it away from me.

“It takes a really long time to wield your cigarette…Press Space to accept your fate?”

Smoking kills.


Smoke inhalation is a hell of a thing.

This is grade A turkish tobacco blended with some afghan kush. Just one puff will put your **** in the dirt. The 9mm slugs were unnecessary.

Not sure what **** is… cause I’m not sure if it’s a expletive for posterior or a genital reference or it just an expletive.

Oh, definitely genital reference. That’s a saying my alcoholic neighbor used to shout all the time when I was a kid. “Have a drink a this, boy! That’ll put yer **** in the dirt!”

I’ve always heard that one with either your head or you posterior. Not really heard it in that capacity excepting combat or explosives my grandfather would say “be careful with xyz or it’ll knock you **** in the dirt and likely kill you to boot.”

This is less accidental explosive mayhem and more you’re so drunk/high you fall flat on your face, hence the genital reference.

Is there any other state to be in besides drunk and or high?

Dead. Best avoided :wink:

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Ofh I was being sarcastic and then you go and have die all over the place lol

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Speaking of Bandits, wouldn’t it be neat if they occasionally had/smoked cigarettes? That’d be pretty cool to be honest. They’d get the ‘lit up’ feature and everything.

As for the rest of the thread : You are all toxic

All of this talk of genitals and vulgar displays is disgusting and problematic.

TL;DR : I light up ciggies whenever I’m running away/trying to avoid a zom horde/Hulk so as to hide my scent trail. Of course, I only do it when I’m far enough away so they don’t get too much time to catch up. Then continue to run and then it’ll go out. You’re fine.

This is done at nighttime, of course. It works, they will totally lose your scent trail. So what if they see you? it’s only temporary and you can move away from the last area you ‘lit up’ so they can’t see you.

How are we toxic? I only drink toxic sludge. I mean that shouldn’t make me toxic just my excretions like sweat and other things. I mean god so insensitive to sludge eating monsters who spit acid… oh… I guess I am toxic. Welp I’m off to terrorize a middle ages village for no reason with my acid spit see ya later!

The smart play is to round the corner, break line of sight and THEN light up the cig.

Exactly, now you’re talking about marginalizing vulnerable people from low socioeconomic backgrounds (people in the middle ages were generally poor and had few rights).

This is just unacceptable

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I feel like politics are best reserved for a different forum.

I’m not marginalizing them… I’m eating them! I mean the dirt and lack of food really brings out the poorness and disease plus they don’t have guns!

This person, this Eastwardope person, is advocating for the wholesale slaughter of these vulnerable populations, and everyone just says, “politics should go elsewhere”.

Eastwardrope will not stop until he has spit acid in the faces of all those disadvantaged people. This type of language is not okay and must be stopped. To those who have said, “no politics in here”, you’re the problem. You’re letting this facist get away with his toxic behavior, literally!

I just can’t even.

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Sounds like salt… mmmmm… salt. Maybe I should stop with the peasants and go get you might be a bit better for my health any how… but guns… but salt… mmmm salt… I got it! I’ll nik you and sprinkle salt on the peasants might make them a bit less stringy and then maybe I can get some Liberals they are deliciously salty. And then maybe now on some polish people I hear their plumpness to gun ratio is quite high (lots of plump few guns) or maybe it’s the sweds I’m thinking of.

Your opinions are noted. Your tactics work great in the base game, where the zombies almost exclusively fight melee, but I’m running the bandits mod, they have handguns, shotguns and rifles sometimes and are quite happy to shoot you in the cigarette at night. The fact your face is there too s purely accidental.

I like the idea, but you’ve caused my thread to devolve into…all that above me…bad tad.

Aw we have fun here don’t we?:grin: