The deadliest killer of all, smoke

Gather round friends and I’ll tell you a tale of a killer worse than zombies, giant spiders or even nether creatures!
This horrible killer is called smoke, there was once a character who decided to try and live on the road and avoid the towns and the zombies, little did he know about how horribly foolish this decision was, he had made a small fire to prepare his fresh meat, and as he cooked some smoke got in his face, he breathed it in now knowing that this would seal his fate, he finished his cooking and went ahead but he kept coughing and coughing and coughing, and soon enough he fell over dead, leaving his player to shout in disbelief.

Okay story time’s over, seriously now my character inhaled some smoke and wouldn’t stop coughing for like and hour and then died, is this a common occurrence? And if it is then how am I supposed to cook any food if doing so just marks me for death?

Get a dust/filter/gas mask.

Okay but doesn’t that seem a bit unrealistic? I mean in real life you don’t have to wear a gas mask while going for a BBQ to avoid certain death.

Supposedly this has been fixed in the latest build.

I say supposedly because I haven’t tested it yet. I’ve been eating everything raw for a while now out of fear, since trying to burn a piece of rabbit over a fire would kill me from full health.

It seems to me that smoke is not as deadly as it used to be, so i think it may be fixed, still is better avoid it.

In experimental, smoke disperses properly and it’s deadliness has been reduced.

Wow good thing I read this I was about to have my character boil some water over a good shrub fire.

I mentioned it once before, but everything is much easier - everything you burn turns into the pile of raccoons doused in the gasoline and piss.
I didn’t dl and compile freshest build, but now I’ve got a situation when pair of socks covered half of my prison with smoke.

With crits that choke on it, it’s been fine so far… don’t spoil my biz. :stuck_out_tongue:

As Rivet mentioned this has been fixed in the latest build. The problem was that when smoke moved to a new tile the game wasn’t rechecking their age, so smoke would never disappear as long as it kept moving.

The notion that you could accidentally, and repeatedly, inhale smoke from a fire while cooking is silly. If you’ve been camping, you know you’re closing your eyes and holding your breath long before you can breath in that much smoke, and you’re likely going to just walk around the fire, upwind of the smoke.

Oh , man. If real life smoke was like cata smoke , i should have been dead 100 times by now.

I have never been killed by smoke, and I run right into smokers with only a scarf or a bandana to murder the shenanigans out of them with a machete. I don’t think scarfs and bandanas help that much…

If rl smoke was like cata smoke, it’d be categorized as a wmd.

In .7 when you make a fire, it starts at about medium strength and has smoke output. Either come back in a little while (if it has a lot of fuel) or cook a couple squares away to minimize risk. Small fires don’t have any smoke output.

Personally, I just dropped a few pieces of splintered wood onto a brazier and then went and got my raw meat so it’d be small enough when I got back, at least until I got enough skill to make a stove which has no problem with smoke even indoors. I kinda hope they keep the behavior for stuff that wouldn’t burn cleanly in contrast to dead and dry wood.

A stove is a good solution, but having an integrated toolset and metabolic exchange is just awesome. Just carry a skewer and you can cook meat anyplace anytime, no mess, and eat a bit of it to get your power back.

I’ve forgotten what skills are required to make skewers, so I’m forced to lug around a volume-wasting pointy stick. Makes me sad.

I think you just need to carve a wooden thing, like a heavy stick or a two by four.

Yes, (a)ctivate a knife of some kind, and choose the Carve Wood option.

Had a run in with a smoker today, ran out of ammo and had to bash him in the face to death with my USP .45. (he was standing in front of a store I wanted to raid.) Another one I dealt with some pipe bombs because again, he was in the way of some vehicles I wanted to loot and making noise just wasn’t doing the trick for either of them. My first two smoker kills, so late after they were introduced since they’re not really a threat for pick n’ mix looters.

Smoke certainly still seems problematic without a filter mask, although not quite deadly unless you’ve already taken a lot of damage. I was wearing a dust mask at the time. For every cough, you lose a little bit of torso hp. For low strength characters or those with the hardcore trait you better watch out, I only noticed when my torso went yellow.

Thankfully if you notice in time you can bandage yourself fast enough to negate the HP loss, you hardly drop dead on the spot.
It’s more like a poison you don’t notice, but because of that it’s very insidious.
With first aid 3 you shouldn’t even need 10 bandages.

Hm… Anyway how about some kind of medical gear to help you breathe or erase the Smoke disease then? Could use it for the asthmatic trait as well, I guess. Oxygen tank and a breathing mask perhaps? Like something you’d find in the back of an ambulance, or how about a diver’s oxygen tank and a regulator/scuba gear?
In any case, a tank of oxygen could have simply wonderful uses as a weapon.