Sleeping is almost real-time

If you have a lot of items in your base, sleeping, crafting, and disassembling take a very, very, very long time. Sleeping now takes several minutes during which the game just locks up and it’s getting longer as I continue to packrat food and gear. The game is approaching unplayable. Using 0.B Brin.

Just a quick note: I’m in a LMOE shelter, and I noticed this thread:

It appears this problem is related to the LMOE.

I am in a normal basement, not LMOE, and have had this sleeping lockup for possibly always.

Related to number of items around.

Do you use autopickup by any chance?

Edit/ No, you’re right. Autopickup slow movement only, it seems to be indeed the number of items. That sucks, because bases and crafting areas are supposed to be full of items… i wonder if keeping them in containers would alleviate the issue…

Hmm. It may indeed be related to being in a LMOE shelter, then. I normally make my base in a firehouse and use the metal lockers for storage, and never had any problems. In the LMOE shelter, I just plop everything on the table in the room to the southwest. I’ll replace the table with storage lockers and see if that makes any difference.

Edit: Nope. Replaced the table with lockers and sleeping/crafting is still stuffed. I put my character to sleep, got up, made lunch, ate a salad while staring at my frozen screen, and about halfway through my meal my character finished sleeping. Not playable, I’m afraid.

Absolutely never had an issue like this?

In my attempt to analyze whats wrong with the health of my character i turned on debug messages, and my, a whole lot of stuff is getting constantly checked. Mostly food, including non-perishables like water.

I am going to try stuffing it down in the different z-level. Performance is certainly better on the upper floor of my motel, i thought it was due to the roaming wildlife, but perhaps its due to the stash of food and bones on the lower level.

Since I never had this problem in the previous release, I’m wondering if it’s because so much stuff has been made decayable which wasn’t before, like canned goods. Obviously there’s a process which is being run repeatedly while your character sleeps/crafts/passes time, checking for the decay of every object on the z-level. I have an i7 and 16 gigs of fast RAM, so if my system is being brought to its knees, it’s obviously a serious problem.

Edit: My savegame, in case anyone wants to see what’s going on. [URL= Dead.rar]Walking Dead.rar[/URL]

Jumped into latest experimental, turned item spawn up to 10 since I didn’t want to spend all day packratting items by hand.

Walking around town seemed okay.
Walking near or within a shopping mall was unplayably slow.
Attemped to sleep inside a random fire station, took 8-10 seconds to be told I wasn’t tired.
Wished up some drugs to make myself tired, attempting to sleep caused the game to hang up.

It’s not hung. If you wait long enough it’ll eventually process everything – but we’re talking minutes, and possibly a lot of them depending on how beefy your system is. Crafting and reading books also is seriously slowed.

Would making decay checks happen every six hours or so mean anything of value lost? I guess it would improve performance a lot, no?

Currently decay checks are spread in time, they don’t happen all at once.
You can check what items get updated in which turns by activating debug output (default ~).

It will also list permafood and drugs, but Kevin said it’s only a result of the debug mode and it wouldn’t do so without debug mode.

I ran over all my items lying around (over 1000) with a car, and the game speeded up. And that was after i got rid of the perishables, so that was not the only issue.

I wonder whether it is a number of items, number of different items, or number of specific items…

It’s based on number of items, it has to find the active items. Yes there are some things we can do about this, and we will be doing some of them pretty soon.

Great. I have rather old hardware and its quite noticeable to the extent i have to keep my stash on separate z-level.

Hm, while we are at it, does the number of unique items matter or total item count?

What i mean is that whether 1500 rags in one tile slow the game more than 1 rag.

i think 1500 rags will start to effect you.

i crashed a vehicle into 10s of thousands mettal bits … they weren t unique all of them but they still slowed down the game considerably and every time i entered that map section it took quite some time to load them in freezing the game.

It’s number of instances of items.

Lovely. I built a bed above-ground so I could sleep in something less than 30 minutes, real-time. When I woke up, there were thousands of fungaloids all around me, which had reproduced while I slept, and the entire surrounding landscape is now fungal bed. I think I’ll put Cataclysm away for a bit until this gets fixed.

Yeah right now I’m just kinda making random characters who die off quickly, reading the forums to stay abreast of things, and waiting for this to be put in order before I begin another serious playthrough. Not a big deal though. They handle issues pretty well here, I’ve discovered.

Okay, i know it sounds silly, but after checking thesaurus, i am still not sure (i am not a native speaker…)

Do you mean:

a) the number of item kinds/types.
b) the total number of items (so 700 rags count as 700 items).

I think its the second, but as i said, i am not sure.