5d24962-SDL: 2 Inventory related bugs

First bug- I have 3 jugs of clean water in my inventory, about to transfer them through the advanced inventory screen to an evacuation shelter locker:

Transferred the 3 jugs, however they did not appear on the right side inventory listing:

Filtered view just to make sure:

It seems only containers with stuff in them disappear, as I’m almost positive I also found and placed a number of tins of food in that locker earlier in the game, which are also missing and I didn’t immediately notice at the time.

Second bug- Standing on top of a pile of corpses ready to be butchered:

Shift-B listing of items:

I begin butchering the corpses one by one until I get to the third one on the list, which fails to be butchered as the game states that there is no corpse to butcher:

Trying a second time with the same corpse results in a success:

The fifth corpse (A fat zombie) is impossible to butcher as the game seemingly can’t find it, even after a couple of retries:

Picking up the 3 remaining corpses, dropping them on the tile to the right and retrying to butcher them then results in success.

Also have had my entire food supply vanish on me in a locker.

So, I debugged myself some cooked meat, placed it in the locker. I looked at the locker. It was there. I went away for a bit to scavange supplies, came back, and the entire supply of cooked meat is now gone from the locker.

Heard before. Would help to have more specific details, such as what season you’re in, whether the locker’s in an ice lab, how long you were away (hours? days?), and whether you traveled more than three map ties away (probably, but just to be sure whether the meat left the reality bubble).

If I had to guess based solely on your report, I’d suspect either aging code is faulty (the meat disappears when it loses (fresh) or (hot), or perhaps when it gains (old)?) or something’s wonky with the reality bubble. Currently the bubble’s crashing more than vanishing items though, so :-/ .

Okay. More details are as follows:

It was less than day… I haven’t ventured very far. I’m using the lockers in a public works to store food. I went to a house a couple map tiles away from the public works I’ve been fortifying. Season is Winter with 91 day seasons. :slight_smile: My initial guess was aging code. I’ll debug mor meat, stay near, and see if it vanishes.

Okay. It’s gotta be in the aging code. To test, I debugged vacuum sealed meat and cooked meat. I placed it in the locker, and then passed time. As I was right there on top of it, I think that eliminates the reality bubble as the source of the issue. The vacuum sealed meat stayed while the cooked meat vanished after 3 hours, maybe even less.

Echoing Goombah via similar testing: Without looking at the code, it appears to be something related to the rotting mechanic.

Spawned a bunch of 10 stacks (That is to say, 10 of each) of all kinds of foods, both perishable and non perishable. Began transferring the perishables to a locker through AIM. Once all perishables were transferred I continued with the non perishables, as this was happening I noticed the list was getting shorter with each transferred item and perishables in the locker inventory listing began disappearing one by one with each press of the enter key. An unusual thing I noticed as I was transferring perishables is that with each press of the enter key, the single 10 stack of chunks of meat I initially transferred slowly began unstacking one by one until there were 10 separate listings of chunks of meat in the locker. I also noticed that this did not happen immediately with the 10 stack of tins of mushroom soup and I suspect the reason is the difference in total shelf life before rotting between raw meat and tinned perishable foods.

To be sure I also spawned 10 stacks of misc items: ammo, matchbooks, lighters, etc etc. None of these items are affected in any way, it’s definitely only items that can rot.

Pretty confident it’s something in the active-item timing diff PR and BevapDin seems to have the issue pretty well in hand. Hols being what they are, it’ll probably be a bit to get it fixed. Worst case, I rip it out altogether.

Seemed to work, but I should have guessed that a significant fix landing before its author goes to see family would cause issues, and hit it harder. >_<

No problem. I’ve shelved that particular character for the moment. Carnivore trait makes this one a pain. xD

Plenty food disappeared. I moved the food using the AIM.

Win 8

Also M do not work to move stack

I can verify this issue, it has stopped me playing with the nightly releases. It also appears that the containers disappear with the food items as well with this bug. If I can make a suggestion, many fresh items could be limited to checking their status once a day vs once an hour as the difference with canned goods and the like seems to be negligible.

These with last night’s fixes?

I’m up to about 5 hours of playtime on 2a99218, both bugs appear to have been fixed. No crashes either.

I loaded up my old save and am still getting it. I suspect that’s just screwed up at this point so time to set it aside for good. Unfortunate, really. It was going so well.

Playing on wincurses 2566, this still appears to be a issue as I just transfered about 10 fresh tainted meat from my trunk cart to the floor of my evac shelter base, near the comp (I butchered about 30 minutes in game time before) via AIM and it appears to have vanished as soon as it’s transfered. It was summer time so I expected for it to rot quick, but not that quick ><. This was on a clean save today.

…or not…

It was all going fine 'til my fridge ran out of power- after that, things started to disappear again. Namely chunks of raw and tainted meat.

Not sure if it’s relevant at all but this bug isn’t unique to AIM either, using shift-D to drop your stuff on an adjacent tile is also affected.

Yeah when I shift-D a lot of canned goods into the one tile some of them vanish. So I’ve just been dropping them into seperate tiles eg 2 tins of meat soup there, 7 tins of beans there, etc. So far they’ve been staying. Haven’t tried figuring out the number of things dropped into the same tile that causes them to begin vanishing thou.

If you’ve got a watch, it’d be interesting to hit . before dropping, and then see if problem drops carry you into the next turn/over more than one turn (six seconds per turn).

Figured out the point at which it does it with canned goods being dropped on the ground. Happens at 'aj. The last can dropped replaces the whatever was in 'aj over and over. Except when I try to drop in fruit or veg over the tin the fruit/veg just vanishes. But when I put a tin food on the veg/fruit the veg/fruit vanishes.
As for the seconds per turn it takes standard 6 seconds. Probably because it’s still dropping the item and replacing what’s last on the list most of the time.