Should cars be able to do this?

I was driving at nearly 400mph and the car basically did a 180 and hardly lost any speed. I mean, there’s drifting and then there’s this…

Sounds reasonable, you didn’t flip but you did turn a bit.

yeah my vehicles have done some weird things while driving.

As far as I am concerned, that behavior will be replaced by your car flipping over sometime in the near feature,

first of all how the heck do you take vids like that… and also, we must harness this newfound feature… we could call it the Tron Effect

It’s called a GIF.

I did something similar. My RV smashed through a row of houses at about 200mph and then suddenly I found that it had flipped around 180 degrees and blasted back out of the rubble onto the road I came from.

Yeah, skids are weird.

There is no greater feeling in the world than a 4 wheel drift. Right up until the outside wall shows up to ruin the fun.

Oh wait. There weren’t any. Party hard.

Thinks four wheel drift is odd.

Try tyre changing on the move.

[quote=“Iosyn, post:11, topic:5136”]>Thinks four wheel drift is odd.

Try tyre changing on the move.[/quote]

What I experienced there isn’t only four wheel drift, it completely flies in the face of the laws of physics lol. The car drifting and then changing direction is fine, but inertia should have been a thing in between, the car should have travelled backwards and the speed momentarily hitting 0 as it accelerated in the opposite direction, considering I did an almost 180.

But I don’t expect the game to have ultra realistic car physics, it was just an interesting phenomenon doodoodoodoodoo so I thought I would post. Extreme drifting at low skill levels causing vehicle rolling I would be happy with though, if happy is the right word. To be fair, I can’t drive, and if I hopped into a car with a V12 I would be all over the damn place too.

In Soviet New England, Physics follow car.

I know what a gif is, I was just wondering how to do it, is there an option in game or an outside program? surely you’re not taking a screen cap every turn

Prolly a program.

Yea this is a problem, the vehicle code doesn’t respect conservation of momentum at all.
In particular there’s a piece of code that handles the moment when you “regain control” after a skid, it just resets your momentum vector to pointing whatever direction your vehicle is facing.