Vehicle Bumper Cars

So, I was doing my usual thing in Cataclysm. Since the introduction of broken down vehicles as clutter, one can imagine accidentally bumping into them driving around in a vehicle. I didn’t realize how easy it was to simply tap a vehicle that is entirely broken down (no wheels and what not) at 10 mph only to see it fly off my visibility screen. That made me go “woah”. That was the first time I had bumped into a vehicle with another. Anyway, some time later, hopped into my semi-truck to go on a raid. Decided to cruise through the outskirts of town with a few vehicles in it going around 60 mph. I wasn’t able to maneuver around one vehicle, hitting it. Well, instead of that vehicle flying off into who knows where, my semi-truck ended up the vehicle bouncing around. It collided into the other broken vehicles and, quite literally, became a bumper car as it bounced from vehicle to vehicle. Now, here’s the weird thing. Cruise control shuts off automatically if you hit something. So as I’m bouncing around, my truck should be decelerating through the whole thing. Well, it did the opposite where it rose to around 2,000 MPH and slammed my vehicle up against a residential building where my truck promptly exploded, launched my character from the vehicle and promptly fell to her demise.

That made me a sad panda because I had no backup saves or anything and was my best character going despite being a random character. However, it was interesting and amusing seeing how it all happened. So I suppose I should be reeeeeally careful bumping into cars lest I want to get an extra push to 2K MPH lol.

I’ve had decent success with heavy vehicles ‘pushing’ wrecks out of the road way very slowly. or you could use c4…that’s also an option

Hm, blowing through a path does sound effective… and fun! I’ll keep that in mind.

Keep your bumps at a low velocity (read speed) and then you should be fine.

My game generally freezes up (more or less) when I bump into a car along a heavily populated road. It means there will be hundreds of collisions as the car keeps bumping into other cars setting off a chain event that can ruin not only all the vehicles along the road, but also all the houses around as they crash into them.

There’s currently no ‘easy’ way to drive a wide vehicle across town. You’ll have to hope there’s room to drive across the backyards of houses, but even that can be hard to navigate. This whole cars bouncing around like flipper isn’t really cool. They should really be very harder to ‘bounce’ of each other.

Good news is that right now there is a pull request up for testing that should have a major impact on stopping ping-pong reactions (apparently the old code wasn’t actually using physics equations, and as such actually generated energy out of nowhere, as many of you can testify to). With any luck we should have it done being tested and merged in to the main dev branch in the next week or so.