How to drift in cata?

Uh i recently got a car in cata and i remembered something i saw from here(i forgot)

And he said something about drifting how do you drift in cata and is it possible?

S makes you brake which can make you drift if your skill is low or you’re going faster than you should be. You don’t have any control over which direction you drift in though.

What if i ‘brake(s)’ then control then speed forward?

Well, I guess it’s the classic game thing when you brake and reverse with the same button or in the same way. There’s not really a way to apply gas or brake pedals, or the parking brake for a drift. Come on, the cars don’t even have gears and no wheels are marked as leading ones. It’s quite simple so you’re going to skid or drift only if your driving skill is low, that means, by accident.

Or if you crash into something. My ride always skids after hitting the bushes. Though that’s just a single 4 or 6 tap worth, so it’s not really drifting. ?

You’ll just stop when you hit s and then you’ll go forward when you speed forward, AFAIK.

No, it’s not possible (at the moment) to drift in the game. When you accelerate, you accelerate. When you decelerate, you decelerate. There’s no such thing as speed carrying on (other than couple tiles forward as it decelerates) after releasing the gas pedal as you would in real life.

Me bad at drifting

Well, it just happened.

(I’ve been heading westwards)

You can’t drift in the traditional sense, but you can do powerslides.

Easy way is to go 80 in a car, begin a hard turn to one side then hit the handbrake (s). You’ll normally turn to 90 degrees of your velocity vector and begin sliding while losing speed. At this point I normally wait a few turns while I slide into the thing I’m drifting into (crushing zeds is always more stylish while drifting) then I exit the drift by applying accelerator. Once you start trying to go forward you’ll lose pretty much all your sideways speed immediately.

Going faster means a better drift. Anything below 80 and you’ll more likely just stop dead when you use the handbrake. I’ve drifted at 160 before, but I don’t recommend it.

Low driving level does the trick, the higher the driving skill is the more you slow down when you use the handbrake. At lvl 20 you can do 2000 Kmh to zero in 2 turns. 2400+Kmh to zero

Thanks! i just drifted (sorta like that) today. It was fun considering i wasnt planning to use the vehicle anyway.

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I have lvl 20 and I only lose about 100 kmph for a single braking. Maybe the scale is not linear since I only tried it at ~200 kmph.

Could also have a lot to do with the weight of the vehicle and the number/size of the wheels.

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Oh, come on. Sure the hand brake is able to stop my 25 tonnes vehicle in 2 pulls. And when it’s time to accelerate back, even the smallest bush can stop me. Seriously?