Why is vehicle Pull with 'G' so weird?

I just tried to ‘G’ a horse cart and it was weird. I can’t really explain how weird but the vehicle flipped around they y and x axis when I started moving around and It was just really weird. Am I just bugged or is this one of the shortcomings of the code?

The vehicle always tries to face in the direction you pull it. The front is at the top when you 'e’xamine the vehicle. This leads to weird things happening when you 'G’rab a multi-tile vehicle anywhere except the front. I’m not 100% certain, but your description sounds like this is the issue.
If you just meant how weird vehicles look when turning, that’s a code limitation.

Nah I made sure to grab it from the front center. That explanation explains it for me. Thank you. I was just weirded out when it started flipping axis on me I thought I was going to break it xD (the cart lol)

Yeah, they look weird, but you get used to it. When/if you get around to building a deathmobile, don’t forget that a vehicle with 1 tile wide solid sides gets holes in it while you’re turning. Always double wall the drivers seat :wink:

For sure! Definitely don’t want to pick up any unwanted brute passengers… or worse xD

Lol…my favorite tactic for clearing cities is driving a vehicle backwards down the street, repeatedly. I messed up and did this in a pickup with an open bed, once. After the first pass, the bed was filled with zeds and they were beating their way through the back window of the cab. My desperation move was to drive it backwards into another vehicle at 30 mph and surprisingly, it worked! Mostly cleared the bed in one go…but I wasn’t wearing a seat belt, so I got bounced around the cab and out the broken window into the bed.
Subsequently, I was mauled to death by zombies in the back of a moving pickup truck.

So, the system is clunky, but it has some neat emergent gameplay. :slight_smile:

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Absolutely I’ve had a lot of fun over the past couple years. It’s truly a big experience such as how in two years I’ve never tried to ‘G’ a vehicle larger than shopping carts xD

Oh god don’t even try it. I thought I could deploy a folding vehicle that was just frames in a line but it is impossible to maneuver such a thing. It just isn’t doable. I tried everything to push the thing in a straight line. It was a traumatic experience.