Any clever way of destroying these things? As far as I can tell they’re essentially bullet sponges. I encountered one in a lab and was unable to destroy it by any method, including shotgun. Eventually had to seal it in a room and leave it.

Erm… I’ve never met them. Maybe try burning a building down on them?

Like I said, it was in a science lab, so trying to kill it with fire would have been an extraordinarily bad idea.

The problem is that they have a lot of health and regenerate very rapidly. So rapidly that even though you can whittle their health down with repeated shotgun blasts, once you empty your magazine you can’t reload it before they heal back to maximum health.

Shoggoths don’t have any particular kryptonite, it pretty much boils down to being able to hurt them faster than they regenerate. Try bringing several preloaded guns if you really want to kill one. On the other hand there’s no real need to kill one, they don’t drop anything of particular importance, so if you want to outrun it there’s no real penalty for doing so. They do eat items they walk over though so keep that in mind.

Yeah, I figured it was more trouble than it was worth trying to kill it. Was just curious as to whether anything shy of having a huge amount of firepower at your disposal would work. Cheers.

7 pointblank shotgun shells do the trick the first shell will also stun them, so there no danger with this method. Use a normal pump action one though, those have higher stun chances.

Or go burst mode on a Remington 870.

Thirty metal arrows from the strongest bow also works.

Had one just a few moments ago. It got me down to almost 0 chest health, got away to heal up and tried again. Did gut it again with my Combat Knife and it changed into a normal Blob. Which was then easily killed.

Strange things these Shoggoths. Deadly if not in Blob-form.

I was using a Remington, but six shots wasn’t enough. Pistol rounds splashed on it and melee didn’t even come close to outdamaging its regeneration. Just wasn’t expecting anything so tough, as I’d never encountered a shoggoth before. Ah well.

You were on shot short. Assuming you have decent skill (4 or 5) 7 shots is exactly what you need. A mag plus one shell.

Punching it a few times works.

Extraordinary weapon for super-special monsters.

I haven’t met them yet, but i assume three ways to destroy (maybe mixed):

Let’s see what abilities they have (according to previous posts):

  1. They regenerate quickly. Therefore, it means we need to make huge damage a turn.
  2. They resist to bullets. If so we need to see whether other types of damage would work.
  3. They can be stunned.

So, 3 ways:
0. If you have Time Dilation CBM then everything will be a lot easier.

  1. Stun a shoggoth with a taser as much as possible. After you did that just activate a lot of low-range explosive and drop under the shoggot and run. I assume that shoggot, being possibly vurnable to explosions, won’t be alive after explosions.
  2. Even funnier way. Bring a molotov cocktail, throw in shoggot and after you did this just… throw your ammunition in the fire. You would better not see how powerful ammunition being compared to ordinary explosives. Speaking shorter - they are almost equal by strength, seriously. But advantage of ammo to explosives is their weight and size and how many is used.
  3. Do that only with Time Dilation CBM and having at least 1000 turns of stopped time (that’s roughly 30 of power, but time dilation CBM consumes all the power). So, make a shoggot be near to you, stop the time and… throw your ammunition BY STACKS and finish that pill with something flammable (i am not really sure whether ammunition can be set on fire) and light it. ESCAPE. That will be so powerful explosion, that i can’t even say how much damage will be dealt to the shoggot. By my very rough calculation for .45 ammo there will be 50-60 HP a body part per shot. Taking in account that .45 ammo stacks in 50, it will deal from 2500 to 3000 HP.

Although it’s only my assumption how to kill a shoggot i think it’s applicable to any other super-persistent monster.

Shoggoths eat any object they pass over, I wouldn’t be surprised if that applied to armed explosives as well.

Really? Oh cheese.

Just as i thought it’s vurneable to explosions.

Shoggoths eat any object they pass over, I wouldn't be surprised if that applied to armed explosives as well.
They don't seem to fly at objects by their will. But yeah - it's useless to throw something in them.

Ok, i just played a little and found an ideal way to kill them - use a taser. It seems like stunning make them stop to regenerate. And also - they are VERY vurneable to stun. 5 stuns from my taser to a shoggot made it be stunned for ~20 turns.

I stunned it 5 times, dropped a stack of birdshot and 00 shot right under him, went away for 7 tiles, lit the molovot, and threw in shoggot. It exploded and after 5 turns in raging fire it’s dead.

Wow, that means tazers are useful for something besides quantum stacking batteries!

I like tasers a lot. You just don’t know how powerful they can be. It’s the most robust kickasser for strong enemies.