That's fine, I never wanted to finish this lab anyway. (Potential Spoilers)

I teleported to the bottom of a lab (I’m a cheater I know, but it’s easier than gearing up to literally just walk down there. I don’t save when I do stuff like this either) trying to remember what the finale was. I knew there was a few shoggoths that got set free by a giant naked mole rat destroying everything, but I couldn’t remember if there were any goodies. I now realize I probably should have killed them when I had the chance.



As someone who absolutely hates shaggoths (Shaggi?) with a burning passion (Every time I’ve tried to kill one, my survivor met his’/her’s demise); and if I would’ve encountered something like this, I’d react something similar to what the Gif I just uploaded is doing.

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That’s a whole lotta shaggin’ going on.


If ever there was a need for a mini nuke, this is it.

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I have 2 mininukes from another lab, and I was seriously considering it. I have a few issues with that though. First of all it’s a cold lab, so my movement is going to be pretty bad down there. Second, I have had HORRIBLE luck with explosives. Third, I have z-levels on and I don’t know if it would ruin the other floors of the lab. Although I’m really interested in nuking it, any tips?


Quick save see the carnage and then save scum… for science of course.

explosives don’t affect other layers
that said they don’t tick down if you’re not on the layer
personally I have yet to successfully use any explosive without either martyring or cheat teleporting
if you go for it good luck escaping the blast

Plant a mininuke, or better yet, ALL of your mininukes, as they may have eaten so much debris as to become nuke resistant. Then go back upstairs, and move away a number of tiles greater than the blast radius of the mininuke, and then tunnel downwards to the level the shoggoths are on. You should pop up in the same layer, but at a safe distance, and then just wait for the timer to count down. If you are using experimental Z levels though this may not be necessary.

Also, I’d find some way of keeping the shoggoths from following you back up the stairs after planting the nuke.


Why the hassle? Just tell them you’re a worshipper of mighty cthulhu and they will leave you alone.
Wait, some shoggoths are rebels and could get mad if you tell them you’re a cthulhu worshipper…damnit.
How about you try telling them you are a child of Ubbo-Sathla? That might work. They should at least have a better connection to that one. They supposedly created or formed it after all, and Ubbo-Sathla then proceeded to create all life on earth…

Jokes aside, If you do blow them up with the mininukes, show us the carnage afterwards. Of course, you could also quickly telepoert to one of the hallways and prepare something like a trap-hallway and lure them inside afterwards ; that could be fun too, it’s probably more dangerous though.


Don’t Shoggoths dissolve when you kill them? Also, that room is going to be radioactive as fuck, I wouldn’t go back in there without a rad suit.

A trap hallway MIGHT work on one shoggoth, maybe. Even if you had a hall solid with landmines it might not be enough. Even if they didn’t set each other off, those damn things can take a beating, and they regenerate like Deadpool constantly. A whole horde of them is going to take trivial casualties, then run amok through the rest of the lab.

God help you if they reach the surface.

He’s cheating already by teleporting around. Wouldn’t be much of an issue to spawn in a suit to protect him, just to show us if any survived. He can always throw away the suit afterwards. Or he could take a debug-trait, there should be one protecting against radioactivity too.

I…kinda forgot that they regenerate 50hp/s (apparently). Whoops. Still, you could technically weaken them and fight them afterwards.

And, of cours,e you could just wall them in and/or destroy the stairs. Let them have the lowest part of the Lab.

That is probably the easiest way to contain these things…unless the lower area has some connection to the outside…Can anthills have multiple Z-levels? I’ve heard of them occasionally intersecting labs, and I can only imagine what a single shoggoth, let alone a horde of them, would do with the biomass from a never ending horde of ants trying to stop them. They would grey goo the fuck out of the map.

From my experience (And using debug vision) anthills seem to only use the first z-level below the surface level. So it should be pretty safe to just let them have the lowest level - especialyl since there shouldn’t be much biomass down there, since most enemies in a lab are mechanical in nature.

Oh, also: Anthills aren’t the only thing potentially intersecting labs. In theory, sewers and Subways can do the same.
So, if it is a shallow laboratory, it’s possible that a subway might intersect it somewhere. That usually only happens with big cities though, where there are a lot of sewers and/or subway stations.

Can giant molerats or any other wall destroyers spawn in the 1st z-level below the surface? I’ve only ever seen them deep down. I really don’t like the idea of a shoggoth, or worse, lots of shoggoths, breaking out of a lab somehow, particularly when their is plenty of mass for them to consume while they do it.

Thats it, I’m definitely going to pay the last few labs I’ve pillaged another visit and shoot those damn shoggoths locked behind glass. I ignored them before but I’ve got a laser rifle now and it can kill one from behind glass if I use full auto.