Shoggoths in the basement

Found a multilevel laboratory complex under someone’s basement. Do the monsters generated get harder the further down you go?

Anyway, I’ve met my new ‘friend’ Mr Shoggoth. Only there’s three (or more) of them now. The guns I had weren’t cutting it (literally) so now I’m going to try a Hypervelocity Driver and Heavy Rail Rifle. Which hits harder? Do I stand a chance?

I’ll get back with the results soon.

[UPDATE] I destroyed one, and nearly got another, but that was it. UPS and stamina ran out at about the same time.

Hypervelocity Driver is definitely better than Heavy Rail Rifle, although needing to reload every shot is a pain. Trying to do this on foot was a mistake, I need to make myself another subway scooter and put a recharging box on it.

i thought those kind of mobs appeared contained on the labs

Stuff can break the containment, nothing quite like seeing a lab over run with ants turn into a lab over run with Shoggoths.

Ahem I may have fiddled with a computer console or two?

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Saw Rycon Roleplays take out a shoggoth with a one of those steel drum tractors once.

I usually go with automatic weapons fire. Can usually take them out in a couple bursts.

From what weapon system?


Well, a Barrett can take it down for 2-3 critical shots…

I think it was a SCAR or something like that. Put a barrel magazine on it (the one with 100 rounds), and just started unloading on a pair of shoggoths. If you’re decently accurate 2-3 bursts should kill them.

have done it with two chars so far, though both had pretty high rifle skill by then. Another char fought two at once and managed to win by unloading most of the 100 round magazine on the pair. Though she had a lot of bionics by then.

Yeah, if you have high Crit chances, I can see that then. Yeah

you ppl talk as if ammo is infinite , i always sue the bow and arrow, and those type of mobs are a hassle unles you have the best bow now (since arrows got nerfed).

if you know how to scavenge the materials in a reasonably high amount and can make bullets you’ll actually have more ammo than most people would care to use. Though I still stick to bows when I’m able.

I’m not going to run out of scrap metal any time soon. So scrap metal -> rebar -> rebar rail.

Actually there’s been more than a couple characters where I’ve ended up absolutely drowning in ammo and decide to go full shock and awe because of it. Usually go w/ bolt weapons otherwise.

Late game control laptop will get you a near endless supply of ammo if you go hunting for turrets.

At pretty much any point in the game you can go scouting around for military vehicles and unloading their turrets for anywhere between 5-500 rounds of 556/308/50 each. After that you can craft brass catchers and break down ammo you don’t use to make ammo you do.

Edit: 50BMG belts only go up to 100 actually.

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