I brought one shoggoth to the town at midnight

I brought one shoggoth to the town at midnight. The next day it’s a horde of shambling unkillable jelly giants parading down the street. They combed through a burning and collapsing house and only a few died…

Brutes and shockers that tried to stop them just collapsed to the touch.

I haven’t seen how long a hulk can hold against them, but I think I may have started the real apocalypse now.

A single Shoggoth has 400hp, regenerates 50hp per round, a melee skill of 10, and it has 10 bash armor and 30 cut armor ; It also does 7d5+6 damage, so 13 - 41. They also multiply with biomass…

Compare that to a Zombie Hulk with 480hp, no regeneration, a melee skill of 5, 8 bash armor and 12 cut armor and 4d8 damage, aka 4 - 32.

So, in total, even a hulk would only survive…probably around 20-30 rounds against a shoggoth, while the hulk can’t even hurt the Shoggoth…
Why do you have the remnants of humanity so much? :frowning:

Beakdog of Providence, the last survivor of Gilmanton River Basin, the self-taught Demon Master, now officially announces that he has lost control of his shoggoth herd.

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Beakdog, start Damage control. Wall off the City where you unleashed the Shoggoth Scurge and start burning the city down.

NO! Dont burn the buildings down, they will just eat the debris and both multiply and gain even more health.

Build a huge pen, cover the ground in gasoline, lure them inside and trap them with a pulley/rope door. Then light em up. Alternatively, trap them, and then call in a nuclear missile on the tile.

If you have a vehicle with a turbolaser or laser cannon (or preferably several), and a shitload of power, you might be able to get them to follow you pied piper style while you gradually gun them down.

A automatic burst of 7.62 form a SCAR-H can take one down in one turn. If you can find a belt or two of these you might stand a chance.

yea, thats a very rare instance where automatic fire comes in handy. And recoil reducing mods as well.

I’d find a missile silo and bring that whole town down. Fast.
Mininukes also come in handy.

What is the radius on one of those things? I thought it was just 1 map tile.

Real nukes :boom: a 3x3 radius.
Mininukes only nuke one map tile.

Thats it? Blast needs to be bigger. Its a nuclear missile for gods sake, those things are citybusters. 5x5 or 10x10 at the least. I burned down an area bigger than that with a damn flamethrower containing a fungal infestation.

pretty sure… It’s been a long time since I used one but there is a screen shot included in:

That guy tried to nuke a bandit leader? Thats fucking awesome!

That explains all the craters in the Cataclysm World - everyone is using nukes to get rid of bandits, of course you see craters everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a real shame that nukes only change the tiles and don’t actually kill anything.

I want to fungalize the whole place.

We need a uber nuke that permanently transforms the terrain to lava.

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