Science Lab Fetch Quests

On the IRC last night, an interesting suggestion came up that I wouldn’t want forgotten. We were talking about mutations and how OP they can be, but how unlikely it is to get so many good mutations. So the idea is that science labs would have computers and medical equipment that could help the player, but are damaged and require fixing.

Science Lab Fetch Quests

In each lab, there is at least one computer that can do something you want (fix mutations, fix bionics, fix limbs, anything else!), but the computer is broken! You need to craft a part for it. To do so, you will need at least level x in electronics, y in computers and z in first aid or something, plus exotic materials (most computers are made of wood axes, did you know that?). After you fix the computer, you can download the software on your USB stick for safe keeping. This way, you don’t need to keep revisiting labs, you could just take the valuable software with you to other labs.

Hospitals and military bases could have these types of labs too. I think this could give intrinsic purpose to play the game!

I was also thinking this could be a standard-ish thing in various buildings, where they have a generator you need to fix which enables some basics like lighting and powered doors, then potentially bonus facilities like autodocs, gene therapy, bionics maintenance, water purification, etc.

This would also allow for a legacy where one character could fix up a lab or bunker, then come to an untimely end (as you do), and the facility could be subsequently discovered by another survivor.

You’ve made me the happiest girl in the whole trailer park.