What should I expect inside a science lab?

I know that there a turrets and zombies, but I don’t really know any more than that generic information.

Check out the Science lab page of the wiki, but beware of spoilers…

Also, it’s not advisable to force your way into the top floor of a lab (at least not unprepared), since the turrets will absolutely shoot you to shredds within one turn.

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The wiki hasn’t been updated for a good long time, and I’m pretty sure the labs detailed on that page are being phased out or relegated to rare encounters. I also have not played in a good long time, so do not take my word as gospel. Zombie scientists, experimental mutants, security robots, and more chemicals than you can eat await you in the new labs. I don’t know what’s happening with the old-style ones that had finale rooms and the like, but the aforementioned wiki fairly well details what you can expect from those.

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If I remember correctly I think some of the finale rooms were oriented around lua scripting which was all phased out of the game a long time ago.

Does someone still have that old code? I guess you could download a super old build for it.

There’s totally room for people to code some new finale rooms and rare encounter rooms etc. I’m still planning on working on my lab mod and adding stuff like that in the vein of RE2 and H-L. But yeah, if anyone cares to do so the game could totally use more finale rooms and random encounters for labs. Heck, someone can even make some new room-areas/passageways and forks for them to add to the randomization of labs if you really want to experiment with and learn how mapgen works.

I plan on doing some of this myself sometime (as well as adding to the necropolis) but others should think about or experiment with this too. Even if you’re not a coder, if you have a really cool idea for a finale/boss-type room, random encounters, or hard to find rooms etc post a comment or make a thread.

Prep to fight robots. EMP stuff is a good idea, be it EMP grenades or lightning magic from Magiclism. Also if its one of those subway labs be ready to fight off electricity in the worst case. I recently ran into some kind of strange enemy that used electric attacks in one of those.