Lab Escapees/Survivors Professions!

After A little while of thinking and playing((I’m up to the point where I can cook up any serum, just need bleach)) I was thinking, Why not have a bunch if not all of the Mutation class’s((EG raptor, plant, ELF-A serum…) as “patients” For example, The best class’s would cost around 9 points or so, Have a FEW debuffs removed ((no wasting away,etc etc)) and have certain clothing, Like A hospital patient gown/ test subject suit to A full up Classy Cane and monocle for Squid, Now, I am hoping once A certain point in development point is reached, you will have to “unlock them” Think like Getting a majority of mutations/ the serum first before being able to spawn as it.

Now of course, this can me MASSIVELY over powered, so to balance it might have both addictions on pain killer and if implemented, to the selected mutagen,And maybe instead of spawning in A Shelter, in side a lab with said ID((not a cold lab though, that be cruel)) However, I would like other opinions, on how it might work out, And forgive me if there was another topic about this.


maybe have lab escapees spawn outside an open lab?

This has been proposed several times, and the developers have said they would like to include more complex professions, such as being able to spawn as an escaped clone in a lab once your first character finds and explores his first lab. I don’t know if it’s being developed at the moment, but it has been mentioned as a priority.

I seem to recall this idea being thrown around several times, too.

Well, from what i have seen, it doesn’t appear to be in development, But feel free to prove me wrong.

This would probably be going in as part of the starting scenario stuff, which currently isn’t being worked on but is on the high priority list (and is just waiting for someone to pick it up and start on it).

Good to hear!

I hope it happens sooner than later TM :slight_smile:

Just curious, is it already implemented where you can spawn in a different place besides the shelter?

NO NO no no no no no

Technically, yes. If you crank up the city size all the way, the entire map becomes one big city, at which point shelters don’t spawn, so you spawn at the top-right corner of the map in the open.

This is a bug, not an option :slight_smile:

This is a bug, not an option :)[/quote]but you can choose to set it up that way, so that makes it an option :stuck_out_tongue: